Natural and Organic Cosmetics SHA

SHA Wellness Clinic, the well-being clinic located in Altea, Valencian Community, is proud to present its first ever line of name brand cosmetics that truly convey the essence of SHA’s perfection: natural products that are kind to your skin, environmentally friendly and designed to provide you with a delightful sensory experience.

  • This 100% organic cosmetics consists of shampoo, gel, conditioner, body lotion and soap that all come in recyclable packaging. These natural, ecological products are made with plant-origin ingredients and do not contain silicone, paraben or other aggressive synthetic additives which might damage your skin, have side effects or cause allergies.

    Organic cosmetics: natural beauty products of SHA

    The new natural beauty products convey SHA’s philosophy, caring for your health and the environment at the same time. They are the ultimate organic cosmetics in skin and hair protection but there’s no chemical waste that could have a negative impact on the ecosystem. Moreover, they naturally enhance the skin’s functions thanks to the healing properties of the ingredients used and their natural alluring aroma embodies the whole SHA experience.

    The design and the presentation of the natural and organic cosmethics are in line with general SHA Wellness Clinic way of thinking: clear and simple. For SHA, beauty is simplicity, naturalness, purity and elegance that can be found in the tiniest details. A natural cosmetic line for natural well-being.

    The whole SHA Wellness Clinic natural beauty product collection is available in the SHA Boutique and very shortly online too.

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