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Sha History

  • The SHA Wellness Clinic was born from a personal experience of Alfredo Bataller Parietti, whom during 30 years underwent different inefficient treatments with medicines as a remedy for different digestive pathologies he suffered since youth. In 2000 his ailment became serious further examination gave a worrying diagnose. Faced with this situation, following a friend recommendation to visit a naturist doctor (member of SHA’s team nowadays), with great knowledge about the curative power of ingesting the right aliments, he found in a few weeks, the solution to his illness. After Mr. Bataller’s full recovery, some relatives and friends decided to follow the same treatment, giving them surprising results and experiencing positive changes in their lives.

    Having experienced organism’s auto-healing power  through natural therapies and a healthy diet, Mr. Bataller decided to look into the origin and magnitude of this knowledge, getting in touch with the World’s leader in such matters, world renowned Mr. Michio Kushi.                

    Acknowledging the important and relevant medical advances from western medicine, Mr. Bataller discovered, amazed by its effectiveness, in these eastern natural therapies a great treasure to share with the world, in order to not only alleviating the symptoms of an illness but also solving the deep origin of each health problem.

    At that moment, came to Mr. Bataller mind the dream of building a unique place, where ancient eastern techniques would be fused with the latest western medical advances – the aim being to benefit health, well-being and beauty. This is how SHA Wellness Clinic was born.

    To this end he chose a place very dear to his heart: the site of his family’s holiday home, high in the Sierra Helada, part of a protected natural park with one of Spain’s largest ornithological reserves, and with spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea, and the picturesque town of Villa de Altea.

    Mr. Bataller is the heart and soul of this project in which his whole family tales part together with a devolved team of prestigious professionals making this dream come true.

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