Dr. Larisa Perezhogina

  • Specialist in Aesthetic and Homeopathic Medicine.


    Resort de lujo SHA Wellness Clinic

    Doctor Larissa Perezhogina has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Cheliabynsk (Russia), specialising in Cosmetology at the Postgraduate Academy of St. Petersburg. Licensed by the Illustrious School of Doctors in Valencia.

    A strong advocate of minimally invasive aesthetic techniques, she obtained her Masters in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of the Balearic Islands and has studied Mesotherapy, Cellular Therapy, Homeopathy, Peeling, Nutrition and Growth Factors. Dr. Larissa Rerezhogina is the specialist in charge of aesthetic medicine and homeopathy at the SHA Wellness Clinic medical hotel in Alicante, and has taken part in numerous international conferences including the SEMCC congress (Spanish Society of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery) and AAMWC (Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress).

    These are some of the treatments that our aesthetic medicine specialist performs at our clinic in Alicante:

    -    Platelet Growth Factors: A treatment unique to the province of Alicante which consists in infiltrating rich plasma in the blood using mesotherapy to bio-stimulate the skin in the most natural way possible, thus eliminating the signs of ageing.

    -    Lip Refresh: a new lip revitalising treatment that incorporates a new hyaluronic acid in the lips which moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates them without increasing their size

    -    Photodynamic rejuvenation is the latest and most effective treatment to fight the signs of ageing and sun damage of the skin. A minimally invasive therapy that achieves exceptional results in just one session, being up to three times more effective than other more conventional systems.

    -    Biomimetic peptidesis one of the only techniques in aesthetic medicine that works to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin by infiltration, using mesotherapy with natural and intelligent molecules which imitate those of our own skin to fight the damage caused over the years or overexposure to the sun.

    -    Others: Botox, hyaluronic acid, hand rejuvenation, face and body treatments, IPL, scalp treatments, Fractional CO2, Vasculight Ellite

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