Gloria Sabater

Gloria Sabater is one of our experts in anti-ageing medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic and one of the most prestigious doctors on the national scene.

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    Gloria Sabater became a licensed professional in 1988 and has a Pharmaceutical Doctorate from the University of Barcelona (1998). She specialised in drug analysis at the University of Barcelona (2002) and in Anti-Ageing at the University of Charleroi CUNIC (2005).

    Gloria obtained a Diploma in Genetics "The art of wellbeing" to be able to give consultations in the field of personalised preventative medicine, including nutrigenics, dermagenics, pharmacogenetics, psychogenic, anti-aging genetics and comprehensive approaches from the European Institute of Personalised Prevention (2008).

    Gloria worked for many years at Análisis Sabater, in the different analysis departments (food, vitamins, pesticide residues, metals, drug analysis...) and after many years working as an analyst, she became a manager of the Pharmacy and Food division, and later the quality manager for all of the Análisis Sabater groups.

    She has lectured at around 40 courses regarding quality technique and control in the pharmaceutical and food industry, but over the last few years she has been more involved in the new upcoming division of anti-ageing medicine.

    In fact, Doctor Sabater is a professor of the Masters degree of Anti-ageing at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she was a professor of the same masters degree in Mexico and has spoken at various courses and conferences about Anti-Ageing.

    She is a member of SEMAL (Spanish Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine) and an international representative for WOSAM (World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine). She has also been a member of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy in Catalonia since 2007.


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