Mr. Kenneth Prange

  • Kenneth Prange is an expert in alternative medicine and nutrition at the SHA Wellness Clinic therapeutic spa.

    Resort de lujo SHA Wellness Clinic

    Ken´s passion for food and healing began back in the 70´s in Old Street in the centre of London. Learning from the leaders in this field back in that time, Michio and Aveline Kushi, his desire to increase his knowledge grew and Ken moved shortly after to work and study at the Macrobiotic Institute of Berlin.

    Kenneth Prange spent the next seven years studying there, firstly to become a Naturopath and then to learn more about the techniques associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, including, amongst others, Acupuncture. Whilst he worked at the centre he provided his talents and knowledge of cooking, where both cooking and love blossomed, as it was there he met his wife Angela.

    During this time, Kenneth Prange began giving nutrition and lifestyle consultations, which is an activity he continues to practice at Sha Wellness Clinic. Deciding that the time had come to continue his journey, Ken headed to Italy, the birthplace of his wife, and together they created a highly successful restaurant based around whole grain food.

    A couple of years later, Ken met Alfredo Bataller in Lisbon, who shared with him his vision of a Wellness Clinic in the hills of El Albir, near Alicante. Inspired by his passion for health and wellbeing, Ken quickly accepted his invitation to become one of our alternative medicine and nutrition specialists.

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