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In order to achieve the wellbeing of our guests, it is essential that the professionals of this medical hotel know the opinions of our guests. See what people say about the SHA Wellness Clinic.

  • SONIA BOGNER- 08.10.2012

    I became aware of SHA Wellness Clinic through an article in Vogue magazine. Due to the great location with delightfully scenic coastal views and of Costa Blanca, the SHA Wellness Clinic immediately appealed to me.
    The highlight of the SHA Wellness Clinic are the incredible doctors who work there. Furthermore I was touched by the personal story of Mr. Bataller Pineda.
    Something I learned again at SHA Wellness Clinic and took away with me, was the right way to chew. Now I am aware when eating. Aside from this, Miso soup also became part of my life. Thanks a lot to everybody here. I had a fantastic time, great people, excellent food, nice surroundings, a piece of paradise in our too busy and hectic life! I´ll try to come back !!! Wish you all the success you desire.
    GULNAR RAHEMTULLA- 20.07.2012

    I would like to thank SHA for the superior service and hospitality given to me during my two week program here. The people who take care of the guests here are warm caring sincere and take care of our every wish with a smile and I never heard the word no!
    The complexity of programs you offer is amazing and the spectrum of personnel all under one roof truly allows one to look at ones body mind and soul as a whole. The location with the Mediterranean facing you and the mountains as a backdrop is superb to unwind and reflect into oneself.
    I do admit that the food was the most difficult to deal with but it gave me the results I was here for which is detox and weight loss. I believe guests need to understand they are not here for a culinary experience but to achieve certain health goals. I am amazed at the results I achieved in my short stay here which I had failed to accomplish for months at home. I leave more educated about myself and my health which I know will allow me to move forward with an improved lifestyle thanks to SHA. With my best regards
    ANNE MAJOUL - 14.I.2009

    Thank you and good luck with this exquisite place. Feel healthier, wiser if not wealthier. 
    KATHY GILFILLAN - 17.I.2009

    Thank you, gracias…for an amazing weekend here at SHA .All the best.
    OLIVER CLAY - 31.I.2009

    A marvelous stay. We have been looked after extremely well by all the staff and we are leaving feeling much better for our stay, especially Mrs. Gardner, who is recovering for a recent operation. We look forward to seeing you again soon. 
    THE GARDNER - 06.II.2009

    Thank you to SHA and all the wonderful staff. I had a great time. 
    KYLIE MINOGUE - 08.II.2009

    What a life changing time i have spent at SHA. I wish i had experienced this when i was 20 – but you have convinced that it is  still not too late to take change of the aging process. I´m listening where before i was deaf ! I will be spreading the message, and hope to be back with more friends who need you. Thank you to all the wonderful staff who have made me feel so at home and whose company I have so enjoyed. 

    I had a wonderfull time up here. Wish you the best and a lot of success. And a warm thank you to the staff.
    SABINE U. KWAPIK - 15.II.2009

    What a fantastic place !  I really learnt a lot and will take away many of the practices. Thank you very much.
    EMMA L. PARAFITT - 15.II.2009

    We enjoyed our visit to the SHA a beautiful location – all the staff were charming & most attentive – we well do our best to follow Bill´s advice and guidelines & Dani´s passionate cooking. Preve. That macrobiotic cooking is the best for good health and aging gracefully.
    FRANK & WENDY CHAPMAN - 18.II.2009

    Thank you for a truly wonderful experience. What you are doing at SHA is giving people a gift of goog health. With warm wishes.
    JUDY BASTYRA - 08.XII.2008

    The attention to every detail, the caring for your body and your soul, an experience I need again. Thank you for the smiles, the caring looks and the memories.
    SANDY BISHOP - 15.XII.2008

    Congratulations to the most impressive wellness clinic I have seen so far. The “summer palace” of Spain.
    Thank you so much for your great hearts!

    One of the best medical spa I´ve ever seen. Devotion and dedication of all people makes the most impression. We have no doubts that this enterprise will bring new level of understanding to the Humanity. Hope to have a long and {…} cooperation in health development.

    A great place to stay and rejuvenate, fantastic staff and holistic approach to health and well being. Great project and perfect value to everyone´s well being! Thanks for a great stay.
    MAHA SAAD - 21.XII.2008

    Thank you for this wonderful experience in your beautiful hotel. It is the perfect place to relax, renew and enjoy a perfect location with wonderful view, healthily and good food. I´ll be happy to recommend this place to anyone.

    It has been a wonderfully restful and illuminating stay at the lovely SHA, blessed with the most beautiful views and sunny days. Thanking you for your hospitality  {…}    



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