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Boniface Verney-Carron

Release pain and improve your health and wellness through the body balance recovery thanks to the treatments of the prestigious French osteopath Boniface Verney-Carron.

  • Boniface Verney-Carron is a French integrated osteopath, whose name is known not only to the readers of Grazia and online news such as the Daily Mail and The Times, but to many famous residents as well as visitors of London.

    Boniface’s mixed conventional and osteopathic training gives him an unusual approach to treating his patients allowing him to concentrate on the origin of symptoms, rather than focusing on the symptoms themselves. By treating patients this way, he can help them achieve more lasting relief from discomfort.

    Available treatments:
    •    Structural approach adjustments, mobilisation and soft tissue work.
    •    Visceral Osteopathy: gentle manipulation of abdominal organs to release tension creating local discomfort or referred pains
    •    Cranio-sacral Osteopathy: This technique works with the involuntary mechanism and aims to free any restrictions in the normal flow of movement of the skull, the sacrum (the base of the spine) and the connective tissues
    •    Acupuncture helps in most cases by reducing the symptoms (pain) whilst balancing the flow of energy within the body or simply by reducing the muscle tensions if applied in myofascial trigger points.
    •    Cupping is a very safe ancient technique that helps with the muscle contracture and trigger point release as well as has a much more holistic effect (such as lung drainage), if applied on specific acupuncture points.

     Price: 220€ / session of 50min

    About Boniface Verney-Carron

    Boniface Verney-Carron graduated from the European School of Osteopathy after two years in medical university in France and four years osteopathic training in the UK. He has been practising in London and the South of France for ten years. In August 2006, Boniface Verney-Carron went travelling for 15 months around the world in order to share his approach and discover new techniques.

    Today he works at KX Members Club in Chelsea as well as Verney-Carron Health Practice, his new practice/art gallery in central London where he applies the full range of techniques offered by an Integrated Osteopathy, including sport injuries and pregnancy care treatments, among others.

    Upcoming dates of Boniface Verney-Carron at SHA Wellness Clinic:

    - From 31st October to November 9th, 2014
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