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Conceição Espada

The prestigious therapist Conceição Espada, specialized in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of stress, visits SHA Wellness Clinic to teach how to control one of the biggest virus of the century.

  • With a personal experience that radically changed her way of life, Conceição Espada starts at 30 years a process of self-knowledge and personal development based on the firm belief that we need to understand and use the skills that we have in our life.

    Her attendance at many courses specialized in energy restoration, bioenergy, Jung psychology, astropsychology, transpersonal psychology, art therapy, biodance, bodywork therapies, meditation techniques, quantum physics, neuroscience and meditation, among others, assured her a deep understanding of these techniques and a better understanding of the body and mind.

    After further studies of the different techniques and oriental religions, Conceição Espada decides to travel to Tibet in 1998 becoming the phrase "True knowledge only comes from the experience", the main motto of her life.

    Available treatments:
    - Self-directed recognition - Symptoms and Causes
    - Energy Connection - Mind & Body
    - Plan of practical exercises to apply in everyday life (including additional material for relaxation).

    1 session 90 minutes/250€
    2 sessions 60 minutes/200€

    Upcoming dates of Conceição Espada at SHA Wellness Clinic:
    - From 8th- 14th december 2014
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