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Larry T. Fujimoto

We have the great pleasure to welcome to SHA, the Master Larry T. Fujimoto, one of the most renowed acupuncturists of the World and expert in natural therapies which originated from traditional oriental medicine.

  • Professor Fujimoto at Samra University is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an instructor, a practitioner and a medical healer. He believes that balancing the Ying and Yang is the power to heal.

    The Sensai Master Larry T. Fujimoto is passionate for life and focuses all his therapies in restoring the vitality and energy of human being. He will be at SHA from 2nd to 27th October 2014.

    Available treatments:

    Initial consultation and acupuncture treatment
    50 min / 245€

    Initial consultation and acutron treatment
    Helps to correct frequencies to the body to balance and harmonize. This is the perfect treatment for patients afraid of needles.
    50 min / 245€

    Acupuncture treatment

    25 min /220€
    50 min / 305€

    Acupuncture & one supplemental therapy (moxibustion, cupping, auricular therapy and guasa - for stimulating heat, blood and Qi circulation)
    50 min / 305€

    Acupuncture & acutron

    Fastest known method for Non-Drug pain and stress relief
    50min / 305€

    (moxibustion, cupping, auricular therapy and Guasa - for stimulating heat, blood and Qi circulation)
    50 min / 305€

    Special sequence using 2 or more modalities
    80 min / 425€
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