Masahiro Ouchi 1 - Sha Wellness Clinic

Masahiro Ouchi

Masahiro Ouchi's focus is to bring ancient spirituality and healing practices into our modern life-to live fully with joy and compassion and to cultivate aging well

  • Masahiro Ouchi is the director of Chi Nei Tsang Institute Japan, Healing Tao New York and Universal Healing Tao of Japan. He is the teacher and author of TaoZen Life Practice, which includes meditation, Taichi, Qigong, breathing techniques, physical and mental training, and life empowerment. His mission is to spread out Meditation to many different people and also deepening the traditions to pass on to our next generations. He believes it is important to keep the true essences of tradition and keep evolving the Practices.

    Available therapies:

    • TAO ZEN (50min/200€ - 80min/280€)
    • TAI CHI (50min/200€ - 80min/280€)
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