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Stuart Bold

Don’t miss the opportunity of meeting Stuart Bold, one of the most acclaimed experts in meditation and mindfulness, positive psychology and energy therapies that will help you to feel better phyisical and mentally.

  • Stuart Bold is a renowned international practitioner and teacher specialising in integrated health and energy-based practices; modern meditation; mindfulness and the cutting-edge aspects of psychoneuroimmunology or ‘PNI’ (the ‘biology of intent’) and positive psychology. All of these are combined to focus exclusively on genuinely enhancing health, wellbeing, performance (personal and professional), quality of life and overall happiness.

    Stuart has extensivResort de lujo SHA Wellness Clinice experience working internationally with private clients, world-leading businesses, institutions, Hospitals, NHS Trusts, Doctors and Universities.He is also the founder of the Meditation Foundation; a UK Department of Health supported enterprise dedicated to researching and delivering the massive range of evidence-based benefits of secular meditation & mindfulness in the fields of health, education, business and community.
    He has worked with Prince Charles’ charity, the Foundation for Integrated Health and has managed health-related courses at Kensington Palace and at Highgrove House (the private country home of HRH Prince of Wales).  Stuart was the first clinical Reiki practitioner to work with cancer patients at the world renowned Addenbrookes Hospital.

    The evidence-based benefits cover all areas of health & wellbeing including – pro-active health; stress & anxiety: illnesses: disease; chronic & long term conditions; mental health; pain; energy; sleep; anti-ageing; natural youth enhancement (and healthy ageing); vitality; effective weight management; fertility; pregnancy; parenting and much more. The benefits also cover areas such as enhanced cognitive function (memory, attention, concentration); self-esteem; confidence; relationships and happiness etc.

    Prior to all of this and 20+ years ago, Stuart chose to leave behind a successful career as a London and New York based international lawyer, in order to follow ‘pursuits of the heart’, such as healing and meditation.

    Upcoming dates for Stuart Bold in SHA Wellness Clinic:

    - From 14th to 23rd July, 2014
  • Available Treatments

    CLINICAL REIKI: Reiki is known primarily for its healing abilities and for its promotion of deep relaxation. It is excellent for aiding, maintaining and also improving physical, mental and emotional health & wellbeing; and a very strong base and route for those interested in self-development.

    Reiki is not a form of faith healing and does not require any specific beliefs – it is basically a very simple, yet extremely effective form of complementary therapy that can help in so many ways and in so many areas of life. 50 min/185€

    The course is easily learnt, requires no prior knowledge and no special abilities. We are not talking about the search for spiritual enlightenment, just simple practices of personal meditation, designed for modern life and the improvement of health, wellbeing and cognitive function.

    The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are really quite amazing - anything that helps to create a sense of calm, stillness and peace is extremely valuable in modern life. It is also beneficial for almost every health challenge (physical, mental and emotional). 50 min/185€

    Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy 50 min/185€
    Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy 50 min/185€

    ENERGY HEALING SESSION: A combination of kwnowledge and techniques that help to create a balanced stillness of body, mind and spirit. This can then enable, in a gentle way, the promotion of deep reaching relaxation, healing, health and wellbeing – physically, mentally & emotionally. It can also allow you, where appropriate, to connect with deeper, more profound levels of awareness, which can lead to a more harmonious balanced life. 50 min/185€

    ENHANCED LIFE TEACHING SESSIONS: This program can be tailored to individual needs where there are specific requirements or issues - such as health challenges, pro-active health and personal support. All of these combine superbly to provide the means for you to significantly improve and enhance your life in numerous ways.

    Taking an entirely modern, scientific and medical evidence-based approach, Stuart Bold brings together a powerful combination of effective techniques, cutting-edge knowledge and years of experience to a programme that will provide you with an amazing range of benefits and life enhancement. 50 min/185€
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