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Aesthetics Medicine

  • At SHA guests experience a change thanks to the different therapies applied, making them feel younger, more vital and agile.  These all positively favour their aspects and create a state of mind of health and youth. The aesthetics department at SHA is managed by the prestigious specialist Dr. Larisa Perezhogina.  Her great experience in different countries and her constant and active participation in the most relevant medical-aesthetic congresses in the world, give her perfect knowledge of the latest non-invasive aesthetic techniques.

    Respect for natural and harmonious visages is her expertise. For this she uses the best corporal and facial minimally invasive treatments, applied with mastery, allowing her to obtain wonderful results, making world-wide celebrities attracted to SHA.After a consultation with the Specialist in aesthetics medicine, an aesthetic-facial and corporal diagnose is done, adjusting treatments to the needs of each individual patient.  All treatments embrace SHA’s philosophy: minimally invasive and with excellent results, allowing the patient an immediate return to daily routine.Preventing and delaying ageing signs and achieving a healthy, young and natural aspect is possible at SHA thanks to therapies such as:
    • Cellular stimulation
    • Cellular regeneration
    • Carboxytherapy
    • Mesotherapy  with anti-oxidants and vitamins
    • Platelet growth factors linked with photo-stimulation
    • Fractionated laser


  • Beauty Medicine

    Specialist Consultation 20 min/100 €
    Facial Treatments **  
    Hand Treatments ** 
    Neck and Cleavage Treatments **
    Scalp Treatments **
    Body Treatments **             
    Diamond Crystal Treatment *
    Firming Facial Treatment * 
    Lumenis One (IPL) Pulsating Light Treatment for facial blemishes and hair *
    Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment for tone and texture of the skin *
    Thermage CPT Third Generation Treatment for facial and corporal flaccidity *
    CO2 Fractional *
    Laser *
    Vasculight Elite *
    Physia *
    Ultrasound *
    LPG * 
    * Prices depend on treatment requirements
    ** You have at your disposal a wide variety of treatments. Please contact our specialist medical personnel
    for more information.
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