Biomimetic Peptides

The program with biomimetic peptides is one of the latest and most effective treatments to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin by infiltrating, through mesotherapy, natural and intelligent molecules that mimic our own skin to fight the damage caused by the passing of the years or sun exposure.

  • Peptides are natural, intelligent molecules that are found in our skin and they enhance the flow of information that is necessary to repair skin damage.

    Proteins, for example, are made up of polypeptide chains and when these are consumed they help keep our skin young and healthy looking. However, in time, the natural peptides lose their effectiveness which is why our skin starts to look older and age-related signs start to appear: flaccidity, wrinkles or blemishes.

    What are biomimetic peptides?

    To stop the skin aging, scientists discovered that they could actually make chemical changes to the polypeptide chains to produce more stable and effective molecules called biomimetic peptides. When these intelligent molecules are infiltrated into the skin using techniques like mesotherapy, they naturally work on the different levels of the damaged skin and help it to regenerate itself without producing toxic side-effects.

    The biological accuracy of this innovative technique is outstanding. When it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin it stimulates the metabolic processes that are needed to regenerate and recuperate our skin's beauty and this is why it has such incredible results on sensitive skin, aged skin and sun damaged skin.

    These peptides can actually alleviate inflammatory skin reactions, they improve and speed-up healing, stimulate the skin's immune system and minimize some of the tell-tale signs of older skin such as flaccidity or fine lines and wrinkles; they also prevent further aging by neutralizing free radicals like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon.

    The main advantage of the biomimetic peptides is that their structures are identical to those of our skin which is why they work so well on the physiological mechanisms, the results are astonishing; they drastically improve the overall appearance of your skin.

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