Clear and Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant is the first protocol of laser that improves the texture and luminosity of the skin without side effects and it belongs to a whole new generation of lasers developed by the industry leader Solta Medical.

  • It is a minimally invasive fractional laser, designed for people with active lives who want flawless looking skin without having to withdraw from working life. This fractional laser 1440 nm diode operates at a low-medium power (200 to 300μm) renewing the surface layer of the skin from the inside, which will improve the tone and texture of the skin, close pores and bring brightness. It is the alternative to chemical peels.

    Treatment involves making several passes with the laser head by the face to cover the entire area to be treated. Each session covers approximately 10% of the area of the face. The laser energy creates millions of microscopic treatment zones on skin and replacing damaged areas of the skin younger and healthy tissue. As fractional laser treatments, the remaining intact healthy skin around the treated area helps to regenerate the rest.

    Clear+Brilliant is a preventive treatment, ideal for people with more than 30 years without much trouble spots wrinkles or skin care that are looking for and preventing signs of aging or who want to flaunt a younger and brighter on special occasions you desire to be especially radiant.

    Dr Dolores Antón, medical-aesthetic at SHA Wellness Clinic says that Clear + Brilliant laser is designed for young skins, without much photo-aging, that wants to erase the early signs of aging. But above all, it is a laser for a good face. Regardless of age, sun damage and lifestyle, Clear + Brilliant skin achieves young and bright and can be treated in one session face, neck, chest and hands.

    This innovative treatment improves the tone and texture, closes pores, provides light and has no side effects. The first results begin to show after the third day and for best results we recommend from 1 to 5 sessions of Clear + Brilliant spaced by two weeks. Sessions last around 20 minutes.

    The treatment is quick, gets short term results and does not require special aftercare. Morover, it is compatible with other treatments from aesthetic medicine, such as hyaluronic acid injections or botox. The result is especially good when combined with Thermage, our treatment to fight flaccidity.
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