Thermage CPT

This beauty treatment is a safe and clinically proven way to firm and give contour to the skin, achieving improvements in tone, contour and texture through the stimulation of your own collagen.

  • The third generation laser Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) employs a patented radiofrequency (RF) tecnhology heated with absolute certainty that the deeper skin layers is controlled by a cooling system on the surface, which stimulates collagen and promotes existing growth of new collagen to give a more youthful appearance to the skin.

    The Thermage CPT does not break the skin or introduce any substance into the body because it is the skin itself which is building its own collagen in reaction to the effect of laser. All terminals are single use and are different depending on the body area to be treated.

    Dr. Maria Dolores Anton, medical aesthetics at SHA Wellness Clinic, says: "Thermage is a laser designed for all who want their body to look younger and do not want to suffer a postoperative, allowing the immediate return to normal life after its realization".

    Normally the procedure is performed in a single session that can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the area being treated. It is especially suitable for the wrinkled skin and flabby belly, knees, legs, arms and hands. In addition, many men are particularly interested in the rejuvenation of jowls and eyelids.

    Thermage is a laser compatible with other aesthetic treatments
    and it requires no surgery neither injections. Improvements are immediately visible and continue up to six months, even if 100% of the result obtained past 12 months. It can be repeated the following year to improve the results or wait three years for keeping them.
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