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Anti-Ageing Medicine

  • The purpose of this area is to diminish the ageing process and reactivate one’s health potential, not just by foreseeing or reverting early ageing after diagnosis, but by naturally stimulating and re‐building the processes and metabolic systems needed in every particular situation, aiming to enjoy of this stage of life with health and vitality, avoiding illnesses and foods that ageing bears.

    Specific objectives:

    • Identification of the reduced activity and deteriorated organs, to start with the recovering treatment
    • Prevention and control of a wide range of illnesses
    • Identification of stress levels and the correction of the same
    • Identification of toxicity and the providing of solutions to the same
    • Chelation of the organism’s metals
    • Prevention and correction of muscular‐skeleton problems, through Global postural re‐education (RPG)


    Personalized genetic analysis aiming to improve:

    • Different cellular activities against free radicals – main cause of ageing and environmentally induced diseases, like the majority of cancers
    • Cardiovascular system with specific anti-atherosclerosis, anti-thrombosis and other individual measures
    • Glucose metabolism and diabetes prevention
    • Weight control and physical activity
    • Brain activity
    • Bone metabolism and osteoporosis
    • Skin health (dermagenetics)
    • Anti-fatigue
    • Personalized nutrition followed by strong rejuvenation effect (nutrigenomics)
      Bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy (same molecular structure as the one produced by our organism)

  • Anti Ageing Treatment


    The purpose of the Health Anti-ageing Area is to slow down the ageing process and reactivate the potential for health in each and every person.
    Our professionals, after performing some tests prior to the consultation, recommend a personalised treatment stimulating and reconstructing, in a natural manner, the different processes and metabolic systems of your body. We put the greatest scientific advances at your service in order to prevent premature ageing and gain quality of life.

    Healthy Aging Consultation 150€
    Integrative consultation that values the health of the person from a multidisciplinary approach: genetic, hormonal, nutritional or biochemical

    Telomere Length Analysis 1000€

    Biological age evaluation

    Mineral Elements in Hair Profile 200€
    Complete profile which detects the presence of minerals in the body elements (nutrients, essential trace elements and toxic elements)

    Melisa Test - Basic Profile 760€
    Screening + Ag, Al, Co, Cr, Cu, HgFen, HgMet, In, Sn, Pt. Blood test measuring the hypersensitivity to metals and other allergens

    Immune Senescence Profile 560€
    Aging study of the immune system

    BrainScreen Profile 430€
    Study of the main biochemical elements for an optim work of neurons and brain.

    Melatonin biorhythm 260€
    Study of melatonin biorhythm in saliva to assess sleep disorder

    Cortisol biorhythm 260€
    Study of the cortisol biorhythm in saliva in people with possible stress or depression

    Study of sensitivity to 222 foods 420€
    Determination of IgG antibodies in serum to 222 food proteins

    DAO Enzyme, Migraine Test 130€

    Innovative diagnostic test to measure the level of DAO enzyme

    Women’s Hormonal Advanced Profile 340€
    Study on women hormones that play an important role in aging

    Men’s Hormonal Advanced Profile 360€
    Study on men hormones that play an important role in aging

    Total Antioxidant Power 50€
    Measurement of total antioxidant capacity of blood

    Antioxidants and vitamins 190€

    Measurement of a battery of antioxidants and vitamins that are important to health
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