Chelation Therapies

The heavy metal chelation is a non-invasive system for the removal of heavy metals from the body. This process is to help remove heavy metals accumulated within us in amounts that are toxic to the body.Therefore, detoxification of heavy metals from the body is an ideal treatment for your body to function properly.

  • Metals get into our system in three ways: ingestion (through the food we eat), topically (through the creams and body products we use) or through inhalation (the air we breathe contains different metals). Normally, our bodies have their own detoxification methods through organs such as the liver, but there are people who, whether for genetic reasons or their own personal conditions, have a lower detoxification capacity which can lead the accumulated heavy metals to become toxic and cause health problems such as headaches, tiredness, migraines, etc. In fact, there are medical studies showing that certain illnesses are associated with an excess of certain toxic elements in our body, such as mercury autism, lead poisoning anaemia or aluminium fatigue. Detoxification of heavy metals from the body is an ideal treatment for your body to function properly.

    In SHA Wellness Clinic we offer you the possibility of a full laboratory test which, through hair analysis, determines the amount of nutrient and toxic metals in the body . It should be borne in mind that minerals are very important for maintaining health. Many trace elements found at very low levels play a fundamental role in our metabolism as cofactors in enzymatic reactions or forming part of micro-structures, whilst others may, at high levels, produce toxic effects

    The analysis of mineral elements in the hair shows the levels of each of these in our body, not at that specific moment in time as in the case of blood or urine, but instead it reflects the accumulated status over several months and is much more useful.

    Furthermore, as a complement to the chelation therapies available in SHA for detoxification of heavy metals from the body,, we also offer you the possibility of performing the MELISA (Memory Lymphocyte Immuno Stimulation Assay) Test to diagnose allergies to metals, thanks to our collaboration agreement with the only Spanish laboratory with a licence to perform such tests.

    The MELISA method is used to assess a person’s allergic reactions to different metals. Chronic exposure to metals can produce allergies that can cause or aggravate autoimmune processes such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis or other illnesses in people with a genetic predisposition to such allergies.

    The results of the laboratory tests take around 10 days and, depending on the results, if an excess of metals such as aluminium, mercury or lead is detected, chelation therapies are applied. The natural chelation process begins with a food supplement containing calcium montmorillonite clay and completely natural macro elements that help the body to absorb and eliminate these heavy metals, acids and other residues that are prejudicial to the health.

    The combination of this natural chelatine with the macrobiotic diet offered in SHA is the best non-invasive method for undergoing chelation therapy for the chelation of heavy metals. . In addition, our team of professionals will give you the guidelines to follow in order to continue with the process after your stay at SHA, although ideally you should return to SHA after a period of time in order to see the results achieved by repeating the analysis.


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