Telomere Length Analysis

¿Why we age? Telomeres and aging are really connected. SHA Wellness Clinic offers you this treatment as a safe and clinically proven way to make the biological age fall behind the chronological age.

  • Human beings get older, this cycle, which is known as the chronological age, doesn’t stop and it is a clear indicator of the time that has gone by since we were born. Nevertheless, there is another type of aging that determines the wear and tear suffered by our bodies throughout life; this is known as the biological age. It can vary according to our life style, food and stress, etc… which means that our biological age might not have anything to do with our chronological age. All in all, this difference is what is commonly known as aging and it can affect the whole organism or just part of it.

    What is a telomere?

    One of the newest most innovative tests used to determine the degree of aging is the telomere length analysis. But, what is a telomere? The telomerase are at the ends of the chromosomes and their job is to protect them from deterioration; they are also biomarkers that help determine how much the organism has aged and the life expectancy.

    What is more, this telomere length analysis provides us with information about biological degeneration (cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and cognitive deterioration), so it enables us to make changes in our life style, that is, improve it, prevent or predict the premature development of certain age-related diseases, try to minimize this risk and even stop aging.

    The SHA Rejuvenation programme aims at making this line almost horizontal right up until the end, with the vertical drop as far away as possible in the future.

    The factors that reduce our life expectancy and/or hinder our quality of life, attack us from the outside (nutrition, infections, carcinogens and oxidants) and the inside (pro-inflammatory substances, autoimmune disorders and tumours) and SHA’s method is intended to decrease or eliminate these factors.

    Doctor Gloria Sabater, Doctor of Pharmacy at SHA Wellness Clinic points out that “unlike any other anti-aging programme, at SHA we combine the latest scientific advances in personalised preventive and predictive medicine with the ancient oriental techniques that support progressive western scientific studies with the latest discoveries in genetics and anti-aging medicine”.

    SHA is one of the very few centres in the world that has this telomere length analysis available which is used to diagnose the biological age. Together with the other parameters and tests that are carried out on the patients, it enables us to objectively determine the most suitable type of personalised treatment, make the corresponding changes in life style and nutrition to improve patients’ state of health, cut down on the percentage of shorter telomeres and therefore add years onto their life expectancy.

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