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Anti-Tobacco Unit

  • Smoking produces cancer, heart, vascular and chronic lung diseases. Governments and heath organizations continously campaign to abolish smoking.

    If you want to quit smoking, SHA's anti-tobacco program consists of first getting to know the client's smoking profile and act on the physic and psychic aspects in a personalized manner.

    After having a lung and heart check-up, we proceed to apply individual anti-smoking treatments which embrace macrobiotics, phytotherapy, acupuncture, laser-therapy, magnet-therapy as well as advanced relaxing techniques, in order to avoid relapse, once the treatment has finished.

  • Anti Tobacco treatments


    Getting smokers to give up smoking is a difficult challenge. In our medical unit we combine different treatments to ensure not only that the guest leaves SHA without smoking, but that they know how to overcome situations that threaten their resolve not to return to the bad habit in the future.

    SHA Consultation 150€

    Anti-tobacco Laser Session 30 min/150€
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