Biological Medicine

Biological Medicine SHA Wellness Clinic includes procedures whose ultimate principle is the integrity of the human biosystem regeneration and seeks our own healing system.

  • Biological Medicine includes procedures whose ultimate principle in both diagnosis and therapy is the integrity of the human biosystem.

    Biological Medicine is a holistic medicine that takes into consideration the material aspects, and psycho-spiritual energy. It makes use of substances that influence in self-regulation systems respecting the biological control character thereof. Its procedures are oriented to the functions of life.

    Our biological methods act "for", "against". Predominates in them a constructive principle, not substitute that is manifested in the adoption of preventive measures for health maintenance and regulation of spontaneous self-healing capacity.

     In opposition to the action of chemical drugs, our biological methods are geared individually, contemplating the soul and mind into a single life situation.

    Our medicine is individually tailored and whose focus is the biological uniqueness of the human being. Our treatments are aimed at people over 25 who want to regain their biological balance quickly, efficiently and with the lowest possible toxicity.

    The two main treatments of this Biological Medicine Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic ara ozone therapy and serotherapy.
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