Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is an innovative treatment by applying ozone molecules in our blood that give us vitality, energy and great sense of well being while rejuvenates our bodies, improve our immune system and provides many health benefits.

  • Ozone therapy involves the application of a mixture of ozone gas with medical oxygen to the human body through various techniques and therapeutic purposes. This is done using ozone generators that produce the ozone mixture.

    Resort de lujo SHA Wellness ClinicOzone medical applications are based on their high capacity versus oxidizing biomolecules, generating a controlled responses against stress and active antioxidants in the body.

    Some of the health benefits of ozone therapy are:

    - Oxygenative: it increases the blood's ability to absorb and transport more oxygen throughout the body. Flexible membrane allowing erythrocytes they reach farther. Improves microcirculation.
    - Revitalizing: use enhances glucose uptake by tissues and organs, reduces the content of oxidized metabolites in plasma and decreases respiratory rate. Has demonstrated ability to promote functional recovery of many patients with degenerative diseases of various kinds.

    - Modulator of oxidative stress: the optimization of oxidant and antioxidant systems of the body is one of the fundamental biological effects of ozone therapy. In response to the introduction of ozone into the tissues and organs is a compensatory increase in cellular antioxidant enzymes decreasing free radicals. Therefore retards cellular aging processes.

    - Immunomodulator: is able to stimulate immune defenses are reduced when modular or exacerbated immune reactions that cause autoimmune diseases. It is a biological response modulator (Biological Response Modifier).

    - Regenerator: is able to promote regeneration of different types of tissue (wound healing in joint tissues in aesthetic medicine) given its great power of healing and biostimulation.

    - Detoxifying: Optimizes liver and kidney filtration.

    - Analgesic and anti-inflammatory in topical application: Immediate effect on joint and muscle disorders.

    - Germicide: inactive or removes all types of microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, fungus..

    There are numerous variations in terms of management techniques, due to its multiple applications. In SHA Wellness Clinic propose its application mainly in two ways:

    Revitalizing intravenous ozone therapy:
    It consists of intravenous ozone (Autohemotherapy) in order to increase the oxygen concentration at the intracellular level, activate the immune system and, ultimately, revitalize the body of the patient and increase their quality of life.

    Intrarectal or intestinal ozone therapy:
    Consists ozone intrarectal administration via a cannula. One part is used as local anti-inflammatory and disinfectant, restorer of microbial balance in the gut altered by pathogenic microorganisms. Furthermore, as applies to the autohemotherapy alternative higher since the absorbed quickly, produces a general metabolic action. Especially suitable in cases where the autohemotherapy is difficult.

    Ozone therapy leads to a significant overall imnprovement in many physiological processes in the body, improving the quality of life and work capacity. Also clears and slows the deterioration that was produced in the body with aging. Its effects are also durable over time and also the ozone treatment is fully compatible with any treatment.
    There are many scientific publications that demonstrate effectiveness and is being positioned as one of the latest techniques in various specialties.

    Informative initial consultation for free.

    Price per session: 150 euros.
    Bonus informative consultation + 10 sessions: 1350 euros.
    Session combining ozone therapy + serotherapy: 250 euros.

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