Biological Serotherapy

Serotherapy is a treatment by intravenous application that promotes self healing of our bodies through a customized serum created from a selection of vitamins, trace elements and natural biological agents according to our specific needs: wieght loss, beautifying our skin, improve the health of our hair, etcetera.

  • The biological serotherapy involves intravenous administration of a special combination of bio-medicines, therapeutic aim is the stimulation and facilitation of the reactions and natural defense mechanisms of the body.

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    The serotherapy represents a therapeutic method which activates the self-healing ability of the body and promotes the elimination of toxins present therein through eliminating physiological pathways. Its therapeutic effects are fast allowing restore normal functions of the organs altered biological accelerating recovery of patients regain vitality, stop organic deterioration and start living a more fulfilling life. In healthy people it can prevent disease and optimize physical and intellectual performance.

    Serum used in the serotherapy treatment are completely customized according to individual needs and health benefits being sought. For example, some of the combinations of sera are for:

    - Improve the health and beauty of our skin: combination of antioxidants, trace elements and bio-medicine in order to renew the skin cells detox and get it. Promotes skin rejuvenation achieving a healthy and beautiful skin. Perfect to combine with rejuvenation therapy with ozonated Platelet Rich Plasma, constituting a complete biological treatment to slow aging.

    - Improve the health and beauty of hair: combination of antioxidants, trace elements and bio drugs that promote hair regeneration. Indicated when desired prevent and repair hair loss. Combined with Mesotherapy with Platelet Rich Plasma ozonated, ozone therapy and hair is a complete biological treatment to restore and / or maintain the beauty of hair.

    - Lose weight and fight obesity: Drug combinations bio, trace elements and antioxidants that help regulate adipocyte metabolism and intracellular detoxification. Prevents conditions derived from the toxins released in rapid weight loss by fat massive step lymphatic and blood stream.

    - Detoxify the body: bio-drug combination, trace elements and vitamins with specific action against toxins, biotransformation and elimination getting through physiological systems. Helps restore the regulatory capacity of the blocked enzyme systems. Indicated do it before establishing an effective cure.

    - Anti-stress therapy: Combination bioregulatory substances, trace elements and vitamins to reduce or eliminate the impact of sustained stress in tissues and organs of our body. Helps fight mental and psychological overload and fatigue that accompany chronic stress.

    - Protect the immune system: Drug combinations bio, vitamins and trace elements in order to produce an immune stimulus, regulate and modulate oxidative processes antibacterial response. General stimulation promotes increased own defenses.

    - Anti-aging serum: Combination of vitamins and trace elements bioregulatory substances to restore critical cellular functions and retard the aging process of the body.

    - Revitalize your energy: Combination of substances with regenerative function, energizing and stimulating controlled manner. Promotes restoration of reactivating cellular functions such as cell restoring organ function and resistance capacity. Especially suitable when you want to optimize the physical and intellectual performance.

    - Fight insomnia: Combination bioregulatory substances that promote a more healthy rest. Relieves general discomfort and the feeling of exhaustion that causes lack of sleep. Indicated when sleep deprivation affects the physical and mental performance.

    - Improve digestion: Combining bio and trace drugs that help achieve a healthier overall digestion. For its anti-inflammatory and healing, decreases intestinal mucosal irritation, helps remove gases. Indicated when there is digestive upset, headaches or digestive origin inappetence.

    - Improve vital harmony: Combination of drugs that promote bio-life balance from the body and mind. Indicated when stress, tension and worries have caused a psychological imbalance or emotional instability affecting the yield and quality of life.

    - Improve cardiovascular health: drug combination og bio, vitamins and trace elements aimed at the stimulation of defense systems in coronary circulation disorders and peripheral circulation.

    - Improve mental activity, memory and overall brain health: drug combination of bioregulators, trace elements and vitamins that stimulate defense systems against atherosclerotic disorders. Indicated in cases of cerebral performance degradation of arteriosclerotic origin.

    - Strengthen our bones and joints: Drug combination of bioregulators, trace elements and vitamins designed to improve the state of the motor system. Provides relief of symptoms resulting from damage or dysfunction as osteoarticular pain or limited mobility.

    - Enhance sexual wellbeing in men: Combining bio drugs, trace elements and antioxidants to promote a healthy libido. It balances hormone levels and improves supply and utilization of oxygen by the sexual tissues.

    - Enhance sexual wellbeing in women: Drug combination of bioregulators, trace elements and vitamins that promote a healthy libido. Increases vitality and energy, fights stress and balance hormone levels. Suitable to achieve psychological and feminine subjective.

    - Reduce Nicotine Addiction: Drug combination of bio, trace elements and vitamins that support detoxification in nicotine abuse disorders. Presents a regulatory effect on the respiratory mucosa.

    - Detoxify the body from alcohol: Drug combination of bio, trace elements and vitamins that stimulate the detoxifying function of the liver. It provides essential micronutrients to restore the biological balance.

    Serotherapy Initial consultation for free.
    Price per session: 150 euros.
    Session combined of ozone therapy + serotherapy: 250 euros.

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