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Dental Aesthetics

    SHA gives you the opportunity to take advantage of your stay so as to return home with a bright smile and much whiter teeth. Our exclusive dental aesthetics unit focuses on improving the look of your smile through the most advanced techniques in the world to offer excellent results in a single session.
  • Odontology

    SHA places an overriding importance on quality, and for that reason we have created one of the most innovative and pioneering odontological units of the world. We stand out due to the quality of our treatments, our concept of a “high resolution unit”, as well as from our know-how and the success of our methods. You can now completely change your mouth in days with the best specialists, the best techniques and the most state-of-the-art materials that the market has to offer. Don’t hesitate to discover our new odontology unit. We are what you have been looking for.

    Complete Diagnosis
    It includes a detailed consultation, a high-tech radiographic study, creating custom study models and a diagnostic wax up, the presentation of the personalised diagnosis and the VIP computerised treatment plan to be completed in just two weeks following the acceptance by our guest.

    Consult our personnel for a full catalogue of services.
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