General Medical Services


    Our medical services allow you to have a complete overview of your current state of health, focusing on those specific conditions that require further investigation. This session allows you to share your medical concerns, whether physical or psychological, with the best specialists. Such consultations will enable us to guide you towards the specific medical treatments needed to improve your health.

    SHA General Health Examination 100 €
    This complete medical check-up consists of a series of tests and gathering relevant information for your health as well as an exhaustive medical history collecting health data and information from the guest, taking vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and oxygen saturation), determining the anthropometric measurements (weight, height, % body fat, % body water, muscle mass, body mass index, abdominal diameter and thorax diameter) and performing a forced spirometry.

    Electrocardiogram   80 €
    The electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) graphically represents the electric activity of the heart for interpretation by your doctor. The ECG provides us with very useful information for interpreting chest pain or discomfort, gives indications for trying to find the cause of the symptoms of heart disease as well as increasing the general health of your heart.

    SHA General Health Screening 60min/230€
    Very complete biochemical study, where we measure the most important parameters for determining your current state of health.
  • Consultations


    General Medical Consultation 60min/150€
    Psychological Consultation 60min/150€
    Psychiatric Consultation 60min/300€
    Osteopathy 50min/150€
    Consultation and sclerotherapy session 60min. / 500€

    ** See other consultations in their respective units/specilisations
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