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Osteopathy offered at SHA Wellness Clinic is a combination of classic osteopathy treatments with more modern and advanced manual techniques, making an avant-garde structural and effective osteopathic treatment.

  • Osteopathy is a natural and holistic therapy that combines a series of manual practices aimed at relieving pain and promoting health and wellness through the body rebalancing and reviving the own healing mechanisms of the body.

    Osteopathy is based on all body systems working together. They are all related and a system disorder may affect the operation of the others. Therefore, the treatment of osteopathy works for all body systems in an integrated manner: spine, joints, nervous system, muscle, viscera skull and even to improve the general health of patients.

    To achieve greater benefits of osteopathy, in SHA we use a unique technique in which the osteopath works from the classical viewpoint of standardization articulate, ie adjusting structural mechanics, while employing innovative fascial therapy, art vanguard using fascial tissue as a way to endure any treatment, especially in those chronic pain problems.

    The fascia helps us defend against the disease, as through it is given the expansion of arteries, vessels and nerves, cell interaction and the nutritional contribution of all tissues. By contrast, the fascia stores both suffered different injuries, so it is essential des schedule this fabric if you want to last in time the improvement obtained in any type of dysfunction. Key to this is the work of the abdominal and thoracic cavity, elastifying restrictions and adhesions releasing digestive organs, respiratory and gynecological punishments under prolonged by bad habits, diseases or symptoms such as stress and anxiety.

    Benefits of Osteopathy:
    • Osteopathy for chronic pain and fibromyalgia: in any chronic pain either back, knee or any other joint adhesions, occur and circulatory deficiencies corrected osteopath returning the motion normal.
    • Osteopathy for acute injuries: acute injuries in either sciatica or sprained joint fixation will be standardized as soon as possible in order to increase the effectiveness of regenerative inflammation and fulfill its objective without this will prevent complete pond drainage and irritates the nerve fibers. Faith thus we prevent the injury from becoming chronic.
    • Osteopathy for headaches and migraines: the entire cranio-cervical symptoms arising from jaw-dependent structures such as migraines, headaches, sinusitis, ear noises, etc. that have already been dismissed by the medical specialist's own body as itself, osteopathy achieved excellent results, releasing tension and cervical vertebrae attached to the skull tissues.
    • Osteopathy for stomach pain: regarding digestive problems such as hiatal hernias (with or without reflux), constipation, gas, cystitis, painful periods, etc., first, osteopathy us free from tensions that may irritate the nerve paths upon which the information for proper operation and then released the tension of abdominal connective tissue can be withdrawn and drag the bodies to which they are connected, and worsening the operation by irritation.
    • As for the role of osteopathy for pregnant women, is a simple and safe work, in which we try to elasticized all structures that may be affected by changes in pressure over the nine months of pregnancy such as joint sacroiliac, coccyx, etc, and the usual sciatica of pregnant or various backaches, also performed a gentle work release adhesions of the uterus with respect to adjacent organs such as the stomach, liver, bladder, colon, so getting a elastic environment for baby to move freely without pain trouble for mom.
    • In reference to osteopathy for children, the osteopath takes care of freeing the child from colic and gas and annoying, if torticollis involving traumatic births or other sequelae, there will be a soft job always with the mother or father enhancing the great self healing ability baby.

    Article written by the osteopath José Luis Aarab.

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