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Sleeping Medicine

  • Sleeping is the main restoring process of our organism and one of the basic pillars to enjoy a healthy life.  On the other hand, its lack of it is one the most frequents factors of early ageing.  Insomnia and apnoea favour heart, breathing and nervous system diseases.

    That’s why, we have created a unique treatment in the world, mixing western therapeutic and diagnostic techniques, (polysomnography and treatment with auto-cpap), with macrobiotic  food, acupuncture and phytotherapy from eastern medicine, maximizing success from both techniques separately.

  • Sleep Unit


    Sleep disorders such as insomnia, frequent waking, snoring or apnea, are the most common causes of premature ageing, of a feeling of exhaustion and chronic fatigue. In our unit we diagnose the main sleep disorders and propose suitable solutions for their treatment.

    Initial Consultation 150€
    Nocturnal Polygraph Diagnosis 1 night 200€
    This consists in studying sleep characteristics through a polygraph which detects the different variables that influence starting and maintaining sleep.
    Diagnosis and Treatment using CPAP 1 night 100€
    A positive pressure chamber enables us to detect and, where applicable, rectify any abnormality in the sleep architecture. Using this diagnosis, positive results are obtained over a short period of time.
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