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Specialised Diagnostics

  • Today’s Preventive Medicine is based on "predict to prevent" thanks to a series of genetic studies that allow us to identify the possible predisposition that an adult may have to a disease such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cognitive impairment, skin conditions, gum disease, etc. Predictive medicine allows us to identify and anticipate the potential of a disease through various medical tests and studying a person's genetic profile. Once we are aware of the risk involved in developing any disease, we can (under the supervision of a specialist) take suitable and necessary measures to avoid that situation and personally redirect the patient. Early treatment and proper living habits allow prevention before the onset of symptoms and side effects. Correctly applying preventive medicine will help us live longer and have a better quality of life.

    At SHA you will find the best experts in genetics, who, after a personal consultation, will help to determine the best route to take depending on your personal characteristics. These analyses enable us to detect a genetic predisposition and thus take the necessary measures to prevent or delay the onset of disease, show you what lifestyle you should adopt to feel better and more active, teach you what food is the most suitable for you and recommend what food supplements will help you to delay ageing.


    Genetics Consultation 150€

    SHA Vip Complete 4.000€
    Without a doubt, the most personalised genetic study in existence, which includes all existing markers, 70 polymorphisms, over 51 genes.

    FITgen 1.270€
    Preventive genetic test dedicated to physical activity

    OSTEOgen 630€
    Genetic screening for osteoporosis prevention

    SKINgen 1.060€
    Preventive genetic test dedicated to skin aging

    CARDIOgen 1.450€
    Genetic test to prevent for ardiovascular disease

    BUCCOscreen 440€
    Includes personal risk and prevention of periodontitis

    Heavy metals detoxification

    ALOPECIAgen 540€
    Genetic test to prevent androgenic alopecia

    BRAINgen 630€
    Genetic test for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease

    EMOgen 770€
    Genetic test for the prevention of emotional inestability

    NEUROgen 1.140€
    Preventive genetic test against neurodegenerative diseases

    BASICgen 550€
    Nutrigenetic test. A first overview of health genetic capabilities to prevent, mitigate or cure disease.

    CELIAC diesease 300€
    Genetic profile for gluten intolerance

    CROHNgen 550€
    Risk of developing Crohn's syndrome

    DETOXgen 1.220€
    Preventive genetic test for phases I & II of detoxification

    DIABETOgen 840€
    Genetic test for the prevention of type II diabetes

    WEIGHTgen 1.450€
    Preventive genetic profile dedicated to weight control

    GLAUCOMAgen 300€
    Risk of developing glaucoma

    MACULAgen 300€
    Preventive genetic test of macular degeneration associated with age

    COLOgen 840€
    Genetic test for preventing sporadic colorectal carcinoma

    FEMgen 840€
    Preventive genetic test against breast cancer

    NICOTINEgen 420€
    Genetic test for preventing nicotine addiction

    PROSTATEgen 840€
    Preventive genetic test against prostate cancer
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