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    Luxury gourmet restaurant specializing in healthy cuisine and macrobiotic - SHAmadi de SHA Wellness Clinic

    The SHA restaurant, SHAMADI, is located on the fourth floor of the resort with breathtaking views of the sea and the Sierra Helada Mountains –in the summer meals are served on a magnificent terrace–, the menus include the most select modern range of macrobiotic dishes which are always made with natural organic ingredients and Mediterranean and Japanese fusion cuisine. It’s a healthy style of cooking, a therapeutic diet that won the Resort the Millésime Club prize for the Best Gastronomy Trends 2009 and also a sun in the Repsol Travellers guide (2011, 2012 y 2013). The cuisine team has cleverly adapted his experience to healthy cooking that amazes the palates of the most demanding connoisseurs.

    THe team of chefs at Shamadi settled in SHA Wellness Clinic to bring together the highest quality signature cuisine with meticulously prepared healthy dishes using organic products so as to meet the challenge set: To create appetising, elaborate, innovative dishes that keep true to the principles of macrobiotics.

    Can food be healthy and exquisite at the same time?

    SHA’s cuisine is based on the harmonious respect for seasonal delicacies and the clever use of nectar from unaltered produce whose natural flavours have been preserved. This elaborate style of cooking stems from the desire to bring together the creativity of haute cuisine with a healthy, therapeutic way of eating where modern macrobiotics is at the forefront. This is how our guests obtain their specific health-related objectives: Whether it is losing weight, rebalancing their organism or changing their lifestyle.

    Luxury gourmet restaurant specializing in healthy cuisine overlooking Benidorm: Restaurante SHAmadi de SHA Wellness Clinic

    There’s a wide variety of tastes and textures to savour in the different lunch and dinner menus available in the SHA restaurant that will delight your palette and revive your inner dormant energy. With the help of our macrobiotic consultants, the daily menus are prepared to suit the specific needs of our guests and meet their health-related expectations.

    The products used to create our dishes are selected very carefully; the seasons, the quality and the combination of ingredients are always taken into consideration so that eating becomes a healthy, energetic and curative experience.

    The underlying essentials of our cooking boil down to the special attention given to the temperature of the dishes (as some of the ingredients used in our diets cannot be cooked at high temperatures, because they would lose their properties), the preparation time, the origin and the diversity of the organic food we use.

    Come and try it for yourself, bon appétit!

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Testimonials from our guests
Very nice breakfast service and smiling team that made the stay unforgettable.

CMD - 22/09/2013

Glorious place even through it took time to get used to the food! Loved it all! 

- - 02/05/2013