SHA Diet

The SHA diet seeks to introduce into the lifestyle of our guests a healthy diet based on organic and ecological products from our land.

  • Over the last generation,  supporters of healthy nutrition have been an important part for many of the dietary and lifestyle changes now taking place. Macrobiotics has introduced and popularized organically grown whole foods and naturally processed foods, including whole cereal grains such as brown rice, whole wheat, oats, and buckwheat; soy foods such as miso, tofu, shoyu and tamari (natural soy sauce), and tempeh; a cornucopia of fresh garden vegetables; nori, kombu, and other sea vegetables; and a variety of seasonings, condiments, snacks, and other healthful foods and beverages.

    These dietary guidelines are modified according to the individual needs / conditions.


    •    It is preferable to cook with gas or wood heat, rather than electric or microwave, which gives a chaotic vibration to the food
    •    Use cookware made of stainless steel, cast iron, earthenware, or ceramic rather than aluminum or chemicalized nonstick materials
    •    Eat regularly in a relaxed manner, two to three meals per day as desired
    •    Avoid eating or snacking for at least three hours before sleeping
    •    Chew each mouthful of food very well
    •    Sit down to eat and enjoy the company of loved ones
    •    Foods that are generally reduced or avoided include meat and poultry, dairy food, eggs, sugar, honey, chocolate, and other refined sweeteners, tropical fruits and vegetables, refined flour, and foods containing artificial colorings, flavorings, chemicals, preservatives, and other additives.


    •    Walk outside in the fresh air for two times 30 minutes or longer every day. In summer time it is great to walk barefoot on the grass in a park, in nature or on the beach.
    •    Try to wear 100 percent cotton clothing next to the skin and use cotton sheets and pillowcases on your bed. Cotton allows a smooth flow of energy with the environment. Outer garments and blankets may be of other materials.
    •    Try to use more natural quality body care products and cosmetics. They may be better for personal health as well as for the environment.
    •    Limit television or exposure to other artificial electromagnetic fields, preferably to 30 minutes a day, to minimize radiation exposure. If you professionally work with computers, try to use a TFT screen and take regular breaks.
    •    Regular performance of simple stretching exercises are beneficial for flexibility
    •    Keep green plants in your home and office to increase oxygen and improve air circulation
    •    Try to keep active from morning to night and keep active communications with people surrounding you
    •    Light to moderate exercise, including yoga, martial arts, dancing or sports, are also beneficial
    •    Self-reflect a few minutes each day on your life and express your appreciation to God, nature, or the universe. This may take the form of prayer, meditation, chanting, and visualization including the creation of healthful, positive thoughts and images.
    •    Sing a song each day!


    The SHA Wellness Clinic offers instruction in healthy theory and principles, cooking and meal preparation, and associated lifestyle topics. SHA diet is dedicated to cooperating with the medical and scientific community, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to create a healthier, more peaceful, more sustainable world.

    With the help of Michio Kushi, SHA developed the SHA Wellness Clinic Diet, dietary guidelines based on harmony with the evolutionary order, harmony with universal human dietary traditions, harmony with the ecological order, harmony with the changing seasons, and harmony with individual differences and needs.

    The professional natural therapy team will guide you through your lifestyle change. You will be supported through proper choice of eating habits, personalized exercise protocols and appropriate spa therapies all in an effort for you to experience immediate results and learn the SHA lifestyle.
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