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Healthy dining

At Shamadi we work with our SHA method, whose main pillar is healthy dining, to ensure our guests achieve the goal of their health programme.

  • Our healthy dining is an experience of different flavours and textures that awaken the palate and set in motion the energy lying dormant within. The products are carefully chosen, taking into consideration the seasons, quality and combinations of ingredients to create an energetic, healing and healthy experience.

    SHA offers three types of healthy menus (SHA, Biolight and Kushi) to meet the needs and objectives of all of our guests. These menus are different every day, at both lunch and dinner and, with the help of our expert healthy nutrition consultants, they are adapted and personalised to the individual needs of each guest.

    An essential part of our healthy diets and menus are the soups and creams as they are considered to be a great source of nutrition and are quickly absorbed. A large variety of ingredients and condiments go into their preparation, thus creating different and exquisite combinations of flavours.

    Other important factors to take into account with all of our meals is their temperature (some of the ingredients in our diets cannot be cooked at high temperatures because they would lose their properties), the preparation time, the organic source of our ingredients and their diversity.

    The three types of diets are adapted to the seasons, trying to use the cereals, pulses, vegetables, fish and culinary methods that are most suited to the time of year, using biological and seasonal food.

    It is also worth baring in mind that none of our menus include certain foods like meat, eggs, dairy products, sugar and other artificial sweeteners, solanaceae (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines) or very spicy ingredients.

    This is our most complete culinary menu and is designed for those who visit SHA and wish to learn a healthier way of eating without renouncing the quantity of food or their gourmet spirit. Although it also follows the principles of the SHA diet and healthy eating, the preparation and the detail of all the meals really stand out.

    Both lunch and dinner have a starter, a choice between two main courses (generally one is fish and the other whole wheat pasta) and a dessert.

    This is the intermediate version of the SHA diet and is designed for those who are taking advantage of their stay at SHA to take care of themselves a bit more than usual and learn about healthy nutrition and its benefits without setting very strict slimming or detox goals. We normally recommend this diet for guests who are here for other health programmes, such as anti-stress, anti-smoking or rejuvenation. Lunch has a starter, a main course and a dessert (optional), whilst dinner is just a starter and main course.

    With regard to healthy ingredients, we generally include fish three times a week and pasta twice a week and oil and nuts are allowed in small quantities.

    This is our most strict and restrictive diet and is meant for people whose goal is to lose weight or do an intensive detoxification of the body. The portions are smaller and do not include certain healthy ingredients such as oil, baked flour, nuts, pasta or oatmeal. Little salt is used and fish is only served once a week. It is characterised for using a lot of seaweed and abundant soups, like the miso soup which helps to purify the body and provide energy and vitality.

    Both the Kushi and Biolight diets include certain medicinal teas and natural fruit and vegetable juices according to the specific orders from the nutrition experts.

  • Starters

    Cold cream of strawberry, soy yoghourt and Modena ice cream, black fennel tempura and carob reduction with ginger

    Cream of the day           


    Cold miso gazpacho, gratin scallop, mint oil, baby squid air, liquefied seaweed tempura                                                                                                                               

    Micro mezclum salad, smoked beetroot mousse, confit sturgeon fillet, tonka beans

    Grilled prawns carpaccio, avocado salad, rucola, lamb´s lettuce salad, macadamia nuts, bergamot vinaigrette

    Tuna belly tartare, mustard mousse, seaweed mix, cauliflower and fennel pickles

    Grilled vegetables smoked with mint, cabbage cream, truffle, mirin

    Eel terrine, grilled pineapple, basil zest, applesauce, curry

    Baked octopus, sake, grilled cabbage and sweet potatoes “trintxat”, smoked paprika cream

    American hot jelly, grilled lobster and vegetables with an apple cloud

    An exquisite bread selection: carrot, wholemeal, multicereal, white and chard, with vegetal butter

  • Pasta

    Ink tagliatelle, scallops, prawns, monkfish, garden peas green asparagus, fresh garlic, seafood cream

    Pesto parpadelle with toasted pine nuts and basil crisps

    Thai style sautéed tagliatelle with vegetables, rucola chips

  • Fish

    Tuna fish tataki with mushroom risotto and sweet rice wine reduction


    Swordfish marinated in miso, sake and mirin red sweet potato and cauliflower cream

    Crispy confit cod, hot potato foam, vanilla oil, wild mushrooms

    Marinated mullet, roasted quinoa foam, licorice jelly soup, albacore flakes


    Black fideua with haddock, squid, artichokes, green asparagus, saffron and soy ali oli


    Fish, seafood and vegetables paella                                                                                             


    Seafood dome: it contains 8-10 seafood first-quality varieties                                               

  • Desserts

    Cold citronella soup, false lime sponge cake, clove ice cream, lemon and granny apple cream


    Rice molasses, creamy caramel, almond sand, cocoa crumble, vanilla ice cream

    Macrobiotic “Nutella”:  creamy chocolate, cocoa and oat milk, hazelnut aired sponge cake, molasses crumble

    Chocolate textures and lemon verbena cream, soil, branches, trufles, crisps and sponge cake

    Coulant, ginger ice cream, gallette crumbs and pineapple crisp                                            

    Apple tart with Mu tea sorbet and toffee sauce         

    Organic cava frost, strawberries, orange sorbet

    Selection of sorbets                                          

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