Tea and Coffee Menu

The SHAmadi tea and coffee menu is ideal for following a healthy and detoxifying diet.

  • Following a healthy diet is paramount for reaching physical and mental wellbeing, which is why a healthy and balanced diet has become one of the basic principles of the food at SHA Wellness Clinic.

    The SHAmadi restaurant takes special care with each of the ingredients that go into its recipes. It´s not just important to have a good selection of food, but also take into account the hydration of the body, which is why SHA has a wide range of cleansing drinks that go hand in hand with a detoxifying diet which is beneficial for your body .

    Hydrating the body is fundamental, so our Maître´d and the SHAMADI team have prepared a meticulous tea and coffee menu to have at any time of the day, ideal to include in a detoxifying and balanced diet, which you can enjoy on the terraces of our restaurant, in the tea room, the library, the bedrooms or the waiting rooms.

    Barley coffee

    Barley is a coffee substitute that does not contain caffeine or stimulants and is recommended for people with ulcers, for lowering blood pressure and counteracting heart problems. Organic farming.

    Cereal coffee

    A delicious combination of organic toasted cereals, used as a coffee substitute, with stimulating and digestive benefits.


    Roasted barley flakes

    Relieves heaviness

    For the most traditional people, we can also prepare the classic Espresso, decaf, cortado or cafe au lait.

    However, our range of milks and creams are vegetable based and very healthy, with a choice of almond, rice, oat, buckwheat or soy milk.


    Used for years to relax and sleep well.

    Pennyroyal mint tea

    Carminative, diaphoretic and stimulating . Also helpful for spasms and hysteria as it has a calming effect on the stomach.


    Obtained from a plant in South Africa called Red bush. It is a great antioxidant, reduces cholesterol and is a very effective remedy for eliminating fat.


    Mint, ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel and liquorice stick

    Mint Splash

    Blackberry leaves, lemon, mint, lemongrass, chamomile, rose petals and orange blossom

    Refreshing and digestive.


    Rooibos, honeybush, lemon balm, chamomile, fennel, anise, blackberry and ginseng.

    Relaxing and digestive.


    Beneficial for renal functioning and activates the circulation

    "It is better to stop eating for three days than stop drinking tea for one day"
    Chinese proverb

    Kukicha Bancha
    Our tea of excellence. This plant is harvested after three years. The Kukicha is made by roasting the stalks of this green tea plant. Its caffeine level is almost 0%.

    Hojicha Bancha
    Like the kukicha, this comes from a three year old green tea plant, but is made using the leaves, which are also roasted.
    Among many others, its most significant properties are: it´s great power for alkalising and re-mineralising (it provides a high level of calcium) and its digestive and diuretic power.

    White Tea
    Thousands of handpicked leaves are needed to make this tea and it is one of the most powerful antioxidants.

    Green Tea
    Green tea contains antioxidant compounds that are very beneficial for fighting certain types of cancer and reducing the effects of aging.

    Mao Feng
    This is a variety of green tea that grows in Mount Huangshan and has become one of the most famous Chinese teas due to the fact that it is almost 100% made by hand and for its prominent taste.

    Matcha Tea
    Out of all the green teas, this has the most nutrients. Its leaves are of a supreme quality, completely unfermented and is cultivated once a year in Japan. In spring it is ground by stone until turns into a powder.

    Very beneficial for the liver.

    Pu- Erh
    It is considered to be the health tea due to its multiple properties. It is very low in tannic acid, so it can be drunk by people with weak stomachs. It has a dark red colour and its aroma and taste cannot be compared with any other class of tea. Intense, earthy and cleansing.

    It is not recommendable to drink too much.

    Ceylan St James
    This is a black tea from India to be taken in the afternoon, with a golden infusion, very perfumed, refreshing and light.


    Darjeeling Castleton
    The champagne of teas. It is the most coveted black tea and comes from the Himalayas.


    Earl Grey
    A very fascinating black tea flavoured with bergamot oil.


    Mu Tea
    Peony root, Japanese parsley root, cinnamon, liquorice, ginger, mandarin zest, cypress, clove and Japanese ginseng.

    Traditionally used for its tannic properties and to improve circulation.

    Green tea with mint
    Gunpowder green tea with curly mint.

    Refreshing and very stimulating antioxidant.

    Snow Green
    Sencha tea with almonds, orange and safflower.

    Sweet and warm antioxidant.

    A thousand and one nights
    Exquisite combination of green tea, black tea, rose and sunflower petals flavoured with peach, apricot and nectarine.

    Aromatic and fresh.

    Fruits of the forest
    Black tea, blackberry, blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry.

    A tea very highly valued for its vitamin C content and intense flavour.

    Garden of Eden
    Black decaffeinated tea with sunflower petals, apple, peach and nectarine.

    Very aromatic with floral accents.

    Strawberries and cream tea
    Green tea flavoured with a surprising touch of strawberries and cream.


    Cinnamon tea
    Black tea with cinnamon, served Indian style with an intense aromatic touch.

    Stimulating and digestive.

    Mao Feng with strawberries and banana
    Flavoured white tea. Smooth and evocative taste.

    Slimming and fruity antioxidant.

    Wulong Blue
    Blue tea with lemon, lime and seaweed.

    Between green tea and white tea, it´s very digestive with a great power to dissolve fat.

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