Clinic area

Medical services

Our medical services allow you to have a complete overview of your current state of health, focusing on those specific conditions that require further investigation.

Healthy aging

The purpose of the area of Anti-Aging Medicine is to slow down the process of cell degeneration and revive the health potential of every person.

Genetic & preventive medicine

Based on "predicting to prevent" thanks to the ability to predict the potential of a disease through medical tests.

Nutrition & Natural Therapies

Natural therapies work from the simplest understanding of how the human body works.

Anti-tobacco medicine

At the anti-tobacco unit of the SHA clinic our method used to stop smoking involves finding out about each client’s profile as a smoker beforehand.

Sleep Medicine

Sleeping is the main repair process of our body and one of the pillars to achieve a healthy life. On the other hand, its absence represents one of the most common causes of premature aging.

Clinic psychology

A psychology and psychotherapy advice service to determine the origin and the dynamics of the problem and then suggest ways of treating it.


SHA has a combination of the most classic osteopathy treatments and the most advanced modern manual techniques.

Ozone therapy & serotherapy

The ozone therapy and the serotherapy area combine two procedures whose main principle is based on the integrity of the human biosystem and the attempt to regenerate the body’s own healing system.

Cosmetic dentistry

Our exclusive cosmetic dentistry unit can enhance your smile using the most advanced techniques available to provide you with excellent results in just one session.

Traditional chinese medicine

The combination of SHA philosophy and the traditional medical practices developed in China along its ancient cultural evolution.


Thermage CPT

Thermage CPT is a safe and clinically proven way to rejuvenate, firm up and sculpt skin.

photodynamic rejuvenation

The latest effective, minimally invasive treatment against aging skin and sun spots.

Biomimetic peptides

One of the latest aesthetic medicine techniques used to regenerate and rejuvenate skin.

Lip Refresh

Innovative lip revitalization treatment that involves using a new hyaluronic acid.


A fast, safe and effective method to eliminate fat without having to use anaesthesia or injections or needles.

Fraxel Dual

Fraxel Dual is the most revolutionary rejuvenation laser system of the moment that works by eliminating aging skin.

Platelet growth factors

This involves infiltrating the platelet-rich plasma from our own blood by means of mesotherapy to naturally bio-stimulate the skin.

Diamond facial treatment

The diamond microdermabrasion facial is the latest in non-invasive treatment.

Clear & Brilliant

Clear+Brilliant is the first ever specific fractional laser treatment to improve the texture and the complexion of the skin and it belongs to a completely new generation of lasers.

Other treatments

Our treatment upholds the SHA philosophy: Minimally invasive and with excellent results, so that you can go back to your normal routine immediately.


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