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SHA Discovery

  • SHA DISCOVERY (recommended stay 4 days)
    SHA DISCOVERY is for those who wish to learn about healthier habits and revitalise their body and soul by reducing their stress levels.

    - General medical check up
    - Consultation with an expert in nutrition and natural therapies
    - Consultation with a personal trainer
    - Full board on our healthy gastronomy Restaurant SHAMADI
    - Therapeutic natural beverages according to your prescription
    - 2x therapeutic treatments (Shiatsu, reiki, acupuncture, deep tissue or hydro-colon therapy)
    adapted to your needs
    - 1x sensory relaxing massage or lymphatic drainage
    - Activities at SHA Life Learning Program: Talks, yoga, tai chi, walks, healthy cooking lectures,
    - Use of SHA’s hydro-therapy circuit as recommended by your consultant (hydrotherapy
    pool, sauna, Roman Baths, Turkish baths, showers, foot baths, jet speeds, etc.)

    975 euros*

    * This price does not include accommodation
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Testimonials from our guests

Great experience, nice and relaxed. Very friendly and pleasant staff!


Thank you!

Josée and Karen Van Suijdam - 26/05/2013

It was a lovely experience. The setting, staff and treatments were great. The staff very friendly. Room very comfortable.


Thank you for all lovely 4 days,

NAKED GLOBAL (Egypt) - 21/05/2013

Dear SHA

Huge thanks for my relxation stay at the wellness clinic. Far much more than your average spa I left not just feeling rejuvinated but enriched with information that will make a difference to my health going forward. All facilities were outstanding and most imporantly of all - as with all hotels - the staff were engaging and a delight to spend time with. A truly wonderful experience.


Bernadette Cornish - 10/05/2013