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Specific Programmes

  • Weight Loss Program (minimum 7 days / recommended 14 days

    Excess weight affects our vitality and our life style. With the luxury SHA weight loss programme you’ll learn to eat better; this will favour a fast and healthy type of weight loss and it will also get your body used to a well-balanced, natural, healthy diet.

    Detox Program (minimum 7 days / recommended 14 days)

    Our life style might be toxic for our health and vitality. Too much fatty food and a sedentary life style, alcohol or other toxic substance abuse, cleansing after aggressive medical treatment or stomach problems are all good reasons to detox the body.
    The medical spa detox programme available at SHA Wellness Clinic not only focuses on a diet that is supported by natural therapy, it is also designed to achieve mental well-being to actually change the root of the problem, that is, change bad habits.

    Anti-Stress Program (7 days)

    Symptoms of chronic stress, lack of concentration, lethargy, irritability, migraines, headaches, anxiety, general fatigue. A fast paced lifestyle together with bad eating habits is one of the main factors behind an increase in emotional and physical stress. The lack of energy prevents us from being able to make the most out of our real potential.

    Anti Tobacco Program (7 days)

    Smoking is the main cause of cancer, chronic heart disease, vascular and lung diseases. SHA ANTITOBACCO program studies each guest’s lifestyle and profile and examines their physical and psychological conditions. After a heart and lung check, individualised treatments such as macrobiotic, phytotherapy, acupuncture, laser, magnetotherapy and relaxation techniques are included in the programme in order to prevent guests returning to their smoking habit.

    Sleep Well Program (7 days)

    Good quality of sleep is one of the most important aspects for achieving a healthier life, especially, for preventing premature ageing. Insomnia and apnea can influence the health of the heart, respiratory and nervous systems, and their correction is the main preventive action. This program combines western diagnostic techniques and natural therapies to alleviate sleep problems.

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