Intensive Weight Loss & Detox

  • INTENSIVE WEIGHT LOSS & DETOX PROGRAMME: Minimum 7 days. We recommend 14 days

    The intensive weight loss programme is ideal for people suffering from excess weight, fatigue, depression caused by their appearance and eating disorders.

    Excess weight is the cause of many health problems. It can trigger off heart disease (main cause of death), diabetes and so on and it conditions our vitality and our lifestyle.

    SHA is, among other things, a prestigious clinic that is distinguished for its weight loss treatments based on an intensive weight loss method to reach the ideal state of health by restoring and increasing our energy levels with the right diet combined with other therapies that help stabilise the metabolism, reduce the blood glucose levels, cut down on fat and reduce volume through a controlled and healthy type of weight loss. Moreover, we stress the importance of knowing how to eat healthily to encourage patients to persevere until they reach their ideal weight and then help them maintain this weight for the rest of their lives, thus improving their health and energy levels.

    One of the reasons why the SHA weight loss programme from the weight loss luxury clinic is so successful is because of what is actually learnt during the client’s stay here, so that they don’t put all the weight back on when they leave and so that they learn how to follow a proper diet. It’s an excellent way to improve you health just by losing those excess kilos.


    - General medical check up
    - Initial clinical analysis
    - Medical consultation at the beginning and at the end of your program
    - Consultation with a nutrition and natural therapies expert at the beginning (and at the end of
    your program of 14 days)
    - Genetic and rejuvenation consultation
    - SHA diet as prescribed
    - Therapeutic natural beverages according to your prescription
    - 5x SHA Detox massage (8 included in the 14 days program)
    - 3x detox hydro energetic cure (6 included in the 14 days program) consists of three steps
    - Hydro aromatherapy session
    - Fango therapy session
    - Hydro jet session
    - 1x introductory class assessment and advice with a personal trainer
    - 2x sessions with personal trainer (5 included in the 14 days program)
    - 2x acupuncture session (5 included in the 14 days program)
    - 2x Physia sessions (4 included in the 14 days program) (Revolutionary non-invasive system
    of issuance of physiological frequencies to achieve a true facial rejuvenation and body. It is
    therefore the first and only cellular regenerator with immediate effect to improve skin tone,
    cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction and lymphatic drainage).
    - 3x hydro-colon therapy sessions (4 included in the 14 days program)
    - 1x lymphatic drainage (3 included in the 14 days program)
    - 3x preso-therapy sessions (5 included in the 14 days program)
    - 2x sessions detox seaweed wrap (4 included in the 14-day program)
    - 1x session ginger compresses (2 included in the 14-day program)
    - Activities at SHA Life Learning Program: Talks, yoga, tai chi, walks, healthy cooking lectures,
    - Use of SHA’s hydro-therapy circuit as recommended by your consultant (hydrotherapy
    pool, sauna, Roman Baths, Turkish baths, showers, foot baths, jet speeds, etc.)
    - Personalized post treatment health plan
  • Prices

    Price of intensive weight loss programme:

    7 days: 3.950 euros

    14 days: 6900 euros

    * This price does not include accommodation

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Testimonials from our guests

Yet another fantastic stay (2 weeks does the tea trick). Great staff, food and weather. Left with a sun tan(in the middle of winter) and left 10 kilos behind us between us.

Many thanks to all. Hope to see you in the summer. 

OLON AND PAT WELLS - 19/01/2013

Very nice time with great results!!! Totally recommended!! 

M.J.K. - 14/06/2013

I am an hard working middle-aged business woman , from one side I dont have much time to escape , from the other side gaining weight, stopping exercise , keeping bad hours to eat and sleep , lately made me very unhappy and decreased my energy level. I had to stop that situation . After a short search I decided to go to SHA Wellness Clinic & Spa . I directly flied from Istanbul to Valencia and than a hotel car wellcomed me in the airport.After a trip about an hour , we reached to the hotel. Reception wellcomed with smiling faces. My room was perfect, minimal design , big as about 70 sqm , private dressing room, very comfortable bed , handy bathroom furnished with all needs , a big terrace with wonderfull mountain view and a soft relaxing music broadcast are the first things I can count. As a business woman to be in need of connection to my office , as first thing I checked wireless connection and saw that everything is allright. I joined to heavy weight loss + detox programme and followed very seriously. Without any mistake all staff were helpful , all had smiling faces , and all were expert in their subject. By the way do not try to confuse kitchen staff , they follow your programme on-line and no body gives anything extra than written in your programme.On the other side one night I felt asleep in my room and missed dinner time , even though kitchen was closed they helped me and gave my food .These two samples prooved me SHA Wellness Clinic is very serious in following your programme but still keeping their Latin heart . As a result I lost 3,9 kg in 7 days ,totally renewed both physically and mentally. I am definitely happy from my stay and am planning to go again in April. Hint: Don't miss morning walks to Lighthouse . You will feel very energetic.

Sermin - 10/02/2013