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SHA Absolute Rejuvenation Program

Rejuvenation treatment aimed at optimising health and adding years to life and life to years, through the perfect combination of ancient Eastern techniques with the latest scientific advances in predictive and personalised preventive medicine. At SHA we know how to stop the ageing process



    Duration: 14 days: (7 days + 7 days).

    According to the latest scientific research with human cells, we are designed to live for 120 years, but the vast majority of people die 40-45 years before that age.

    Our biological age may vary according to lifestyle, diet, stress etc. All these factors mean that biological age and chronological age do not correspond at all. Ultimately, this disparity is what we commonly call ageing and can occur all over or in just one part of our body.

    The aim of the SHA Rejuvenation programme´s anti-ageing treatment is to make the ageing-quality of life line be practically horizontal until almost the end, with thee vertical fall as far away as possible.

    Factors that shorten our life expectancy and / or hinder our quality of life attack us from the outside (nutrition, infections, carcinogens and oxidants) and from within (pro-inflammatory substances, autoimmunity and tumours) and the SHA method aims to reduce or eliminate these factors.

    Unlike any other anti-ageing programme in the world, at SHA, we apply knowledge from the best natural therapies to stop the ageing process, including the most perfectly known nutrition, mainly originating from Eastern cultures, and all those tools, whether diagnostic or preventive treatment tools, that back the most advanced Western scientific studies with the latest discoveries in anti-ageing genetics and medicine.

    SHA Rejuvenation programme´s anti-ageing treatments also include a method to purify and rebalance your body by activating its potential physical and mental energy. The changes experienced by our guests demonstrate the enormous natural ability of our body when we know how to stimulate it and help it restore an ideal state of health.

    At SHA Wellness Clinic we have designed an integral natural rejuvenation programme, achieving amazing results by stopping the ageing process on both the inside and out, following our firm objective of avoiding risks to our body and temporary solutions that can bring unfortunate consequences later, as well as teaching habits to maintain this for the rest of your life.


    - General medical checkup
    - Genetic “Well-Being” Study
    - Standard blood tests
    - Anti aging Analysis
    - Spirometry and Carboxyhemoglobin study
    - Immunological study
    - Telomere length analysis. SHA Cell Rejuvenation TA-65
    - Medical consultation with anti aging expert
    - Counseling and advice from an expert in nutrition and natural therapy at each stage of the program
    - Counseling and advice on medical aesthetics and facial mesotherapy with DNA protection
    - Stress control coaching session
    - Dental check up with X-ray diagnosis and dental cleansing
    - Skin Screening: Echo graphic study of dermis
    - Crystal Microdermabrasion Diamond facial
    - Musculoskeletal and postural evaluation with a physiotherapist.
    - Osteoporosis screening with a bone mineral density scan.
    - Electrocardiogram.
    - Sleep study. Nocturnal Polygraph Diagnosis.
    - SHA Diet, according to what the nutritional expert prescribes each day throughout the program.
    - Natural therapeutic drinks, supplied daily.
    - 2x Physia sessions (cell regenerator treatment with evident improvements to skin tone, reduction of
    cellulite, reduction of wrinkles and lymphatic drainage.)
    - 2x private sessions on how to control stress and relaxation
    - 2x SHA Postural re-education sessions with a personal trainer.
    - 4x Therapeutic treatment sessions adapted to the individual’s specific needs (shiatsu, reiki, deep
    tissue, relaxation, wraps, etc.)
    - 2x Lymphatic drainage or anti-cellulite sessions.
    - 2x SHA detox massage
    - 1x reflexology session for each stage
    - 2x Acupuncture sessions.
    - 3x Hydro colon therapy sessions.
    - 2x Detox hydro energetic cure composed by:
    - Detox Hydro aromatherapy
    - Fango therapy
    - Hydro jet, energizing session jets
    - Immune Age supplement treatment that prevents oxidative stress and boosts the immune system
    (fermented papaya extract to prevent the oxidation and immunological improvement) for the period of
    one month.
    - NADH micronutrient supply treatment (key enzyme involved in the energetical synthesis in the
    mitochondria) to increase energy and cell production, for the period of one month.
    Medical consultation with an anti aging expert at the end of the program
    - 1x heavy metal chelation therapy sessions
    Activities of SHA Life Learning Program: practical advice for a healthier life, Nordic walking, yoga, tai
    chi, walks, cooking classes, etc.
    - SHA Spa circuit, according to what is prescribed (sauna, roman baths, Turkish baths, hydrotherapy
    pools, foot spa, bi-thermal showers, etc)
    - Anti-aging Report and personalized health plan once your stay is over.
  • Price of our absolute rejuvenation programme

    Price of our absolute rejuvenation programme is 10.500 euros

    * This price does not include accommodation
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