SHA Rejuvenation - 7 days

  • Compact program that optimizes health, adding years to life and life to years. With the perfect combination of ancient Eastern techniques and the latest scientific advances in predictive medicine and personalized prevention.

    With a minimum of one month prior to arrival, the patient will receive a kit at home and asked to return this kit with a sample of saliva needed to start the analytical information. Through this sample, our professionals can analyze the genetical information whilst preparing the patients’ arrival.

    After completion of the main indicators of biological and functional age of the person, the aim is to determine the factors that may be impacting negatively on life expectancy and quality. Introducing a new lifestyle and treatments necessary to optimize health and create new guidelines will enable a longer, healthier life. Achieving in this way quality of life and gaining youth through the rest of your life.

    Factors that shorten our lifespan and weigh down our quality of living, attack from the outside (nutrition, infections, carcinogens and oxidants) and from within (pro-inflammatory substances, autoimmunity and tumor processes) and SHA method  proposes to reduce or eliminate these factors.

    The difference from any other anti aging program worldwide is that at SHA we apply the knowledge from the best natural therapies, including nutrition, originating largely from Eastern cultures. These tools aid the diagnostic or preventive treatment to endorse the most advanced western scientific studies with the latest discoveries in genetics and anti aging medicine.

    - Saliva kit to determine the genome key
    - General medical checkup
    - Genetic “Well-Being” Study
    - Spirometry and Carboxyhemoglobin study
    - Medical consultation with an anti aging expert
    - Consultation with a nutrition and natural therapies expert
    - Consultation of cosmetic medicine and facial protective cellular DNA mesotherapy
    - Coaching session for stress management or meditation
    - Dental check up with X-ray diagnosis and dental cleansing
    - Counseling and advice on medical aesthetics
    - Skin Screening: dermis study
    - Crystal Microdermabrasion Diamond facial
    - Musculoskeletal and postural evaluation with a physiotherapist.
    - 1x SHA Postural re-education session with a personal trainer.
    - Electro-cardiogram
    - Sleep study. Nocturnal Polygraph Diagnosis
    - SHA Diet, according to what the nutritional expert prescribes each day throughout the
    - Daily therapeutic natural beverages according to your prescription.
    - 2x Physia sessions (cellular regenerator treatment with immediate effect to improve skin
    tone, cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction and lymphatic drainage.)
    - 1x Private stress control and relaxation class
    - 2x Therapeutic treatment sessions adapted to the individual’s specific needs (shiatsu, reiki,
    deep tissue, relaxation, wraps, etc.)
    - 2x Lymphatic drainage
    - 2x Acupuncture sessions.
    - 2x Hydro colon therapy sessions.
    - 1x detox hydro energetic cure composed by:
    - 1x detoxifying hydro aromatherapy
    - 1x fango therapy session
    - 1x hydro jet session
    - Immune Age supplement treatment that prevents oxidative stress and boosts the immune
    system for a month.
    - NADH micronutrient supply treatment (key enzyme involved in the energetical synthesis in
    the mitochondria) to increase energy and cell production, for the period of one month.
    - Medical consultation with anti aging expert at the end of the program
    - 1x heavy metal chelation therapy sessions
    - SHA Life Learning Program activities: practical advice for a healthier life, Nordic walking,
    yoga, tai chi, walks, cooking classes, etc.
    - SHA Spa circuit, according to what is prescribed (sauna, roman baths, Turkish baths,
    hydrotherapy pools, foot spa, bi-thermal showers, etc)
    - Anti-aging report and personalized health plan once your stay is over.

    6.700 euros
    * This price does not include accommodation
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