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Sleep Well Program

  • SLEEP RECOVERY PROGRAMME for SLEEP DISORDERS. (Recommended duration: 7 days)

    A good night's sleep is one of the basic pillars for a healthy life, being a common cause of premature ageing. Sleep disorders such as insomnia and obstructive apnea favour the occurrence of heart, respiratory and nervous system diseases, and its correction is the preventative essence of these diseases.

    How to sleep well and treat sleep disorders.

    Sleeping well is one of the pillars to maintain good health. To take care of our rest we have created a sleep disorder programme, with a unique focus on the world in which we merge diagnostic techniques and Western therapies (Polysomnography and Auto-CPAP therapy) with macrobiotics, acupuncture and Eastern herbal medicine, thus separately increasing the success rate of both techniques


    - General medical check up
    - Initial Clinical analysis
    - Medical consultation at the beginning and at the end of your program
    - Consultation with a nutrition and natural therapies expert
    - SHA diet as prescribed
    - Daily therapeutic natural beverages according to your prescription
    - Night polysomnographic diagnosis
    - Follow up with a nurse on alternative days (10 min.)
    - 1x introductory class assessment and advice with a personal trainer
    - Activities at SHA Life Learning Program: Talks, yoga, tai chi, morning walks, healthy cooking lectures, etc.
    - 2x therapeutic massages shiatsu, reiki or reflexology
    - 2x Consultations with a psychologist
    - 2x Mindfulness therapy sessions
    - 2x acupuncture sessions
    - Fitotherapy
    - 1x relaxing bath
    - 2x Physia sessions (Revolutionary non-invasive system of issuance of physiological frequencies to achieve a true facial rejuvenation and body. It is therefore the first and only cellular regenerator with immediate effect to improve skin tone, cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction and lymphatic drainage).  
    - Use of SHA’s hydro-therapy circuit as recommended by your consultant (hydrotherapy pool, sauna, Roman   Baths, Turkish baths, showers, foot baths, jet speeds, etc.)
    - Personalized post treatment health plan 
  • Price for the recovery programme and sleep disorders

    2.800 €
    * This price does not include accommodation
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