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Weight Loss Programme

  • WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMME : Minimum 7 days / We recommend 14 days

    Excess weight is the cause of many health problems. It can trigger off heart disease (main cause of death), diabetes and so on. SHA uses a method designed to restore the ideal state of health by regaining and increasing our energy levels through diet and other types of therapy that help stabilise the metabolism and reduce the blood glucose levels.

    A slimming weight loss programme that restores health which is based on ancient nutritional practices from the country with the highest life expectancy, together with natural medicinal plant therapeutic beverages that favour the elimination of excess fat.

    The weight loss programme at the luxury SHA Wellness Clinic not only involves losing weight. Our main objective is to stress the importance of learning how to eat healthily, following a diet that is based on natural produce, that encourages patients to persevere until they reach their ideal weight and then maintain this weight for the rest of their lives, thus improving their health and energy levels.

    People who wonder if it is really possible to lose weight don’t always know that one of the reasons why the SHA weight loss programme is so successful is because of what is actually learnt during the client’s stay here, so that they don’t put all the weight back on when they leave and so that they learn how to follow a proper diet. It’s an excellent way to improve your health just by losing those excess kilos.

    The weight loss programme is ideal for people suffering from excess weight, fatigue, depression caused by their appearance and eating disorders.


    - General medical check up
    - Initial clinical analysis
    - Medical consultation at the beginning and at the end of your program
    - Consultation with a nutrition and natural therapies expert
    - Introductory class assessment and advice with a personal trainer
    - 1x fitness session with personal trainer (2 included in the 14 days program)
    - SHA diet as prescribed
    - Daily therapeutic natural beverages according to your prescription
    - 1x therapeutic massage (2 included in the 14 days program)
    - 2x acupuncture sessions (3 included in the 14 days program)
    - 1x detox hydro energetic cure consists of three steps:
         1x hydro aromatherapy session
         1x fango therapy session
         1x hydro jet session
    - 1x lymphatic drainage (2 included in the 14 days program)
    - 1x SHA Detox massage (2 included in the 14 days program)
    - 2x hydro-colon therapy session (3 included in the 14 days program)
    - 1x preso-therapy session (2 included in the 14 days program)
    - Activities at SHA Life Learning Program: Talks, yoga, tai chi, walks, healthy cooking lectures,
    - Use of SHA’s hydro-therapy circuit as recommended by your consultant (hydrotherapy
    pool, sauna, Roman Baths, Turkish baths, showers, foot baths, jet speeds, etc.)
    - Personalized post treatment health plan
  • Prices

    Price of 7 day Programme: 2250 euros

    Price of 14 day Programme: 3400 euros

    * This price does not include accommodation

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Testimonials from our guests
We are truly enjoying the SHA experience!!! We thank all the very helpful and professional staff!!!

Nathalie & Dörthe Hill - 29/12/2013

For me SHA is a place where I find myself... during 2 weeks I am loosing here kilos, troubles, deseases and worries that I've carefully collected by months of work. Here I come back to whom I am: healthy, beautiful, creative )))Through the complex method of healthy (but yammi !!!) food, individual treatment (you really feel here as at home), spiritual classes and medical examination, to say nothing about the unbeliavable sea-mountains view and pure air, they clear up both my body and mind!In SHA day by day you feel care by dozens people from a waiter or tai chi master to the dentist or acupuncture doctor. You really get to another world, that for me is a best place of of inspiration!!!

Elizabeth - 30/03/2013

Thank you very much for everything. I had a great experience and I achieved all my goals! Much love and God bless.

James McCartney - 17/01/2012