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Facial Treatments

  • Facial Cleansing: 80 min/ 180 €
    The objective of this treatment profoundly cleanse the dead cells, pimples and all sorts of impurities from the face. This consists of a cleansing and exfoliation procedure, followed by a massage and a face masque. An entire process which will allow our skin to breathe, keeping it healthy and radiant.

    Personalized Facial: 80 min / 180 €
    After performing an exhaustive skin diagnosis, we use the most recommended essential oil-based products for you, depending on the type of skin, through oil based products, and skin care lotions, applying a masque and a facial massage.

    Facial Detox Premium Treatment: 80 min/ 180 €

    Bioenergetic facial treatment based on detoxifying, regenereating, tonifying and unblocking. It is one via crystal bells, and a facial drainage procedure, with the application of a seaweed lotion, flolowed by a facial massage with essential oil, a regenarating facial masque, ending with an electrostimulation of the points with lesser skin resistance, enabling also the energetic unblocking.

    Draining Facial: 80 min/ 180€
    Draining and regenerating facial treatment through vacunotherapy techniques and electrostimulation. It improves the liquid circulation, helps with the elimination of residues, improves the eye contour, reduces the dark circles and swelings. Perfect to reduce the exhaustion of the face, achieving a fresh and renewed image, with a new luminosity of the skin.

    Alpin Rose Facial  50 min. / 130€

    A facial treatment with a hand ritual that actives the vitality of the mother cells of the skin, favors its regeneration and gives strength to the skin by stimulating the natural mechanisms of defense. It hydrates deeply thanks to the water rich in minerals from the Tirol Mountains.

    Vitamin C Facial   50 min. / 150€
    Treatment containing active ingredients which make the skin glow and preserve the quality of the skin's collagen, bringing luminosity and clarity to the skin.

    Profilit Lifting Effect Facial   70 min. / 190€
    For the first time, a line of cosmetics inspired by the latest filling techniques which act simultaneously against symptoms of loss of firmness, harmoniously reproducing the contours of a young and firm complexion.

    Hydra-Luxe Facial   60 min. / 180€

    Facial treatment that merges hydration and cell protection thanks to a combination of exceptional active ingredients that achieve a denser skin structure and smoother skin.

    Eye Revitalising Treatment   20 min. / 80€

    Improving, refreshing, calming and hydrating the area around the eyes is essential for improving our image. Active ingredients that are highly recommended for this delicate area make this treatment a marvellous compliment to the rest of our facial services.

    Anti-Aging Alpine Rose: 85 min / 180 €

    Enjoy an exceptional, all natural skin treatment, based on the concept of the alpine rose stem cells. The binding characteristics of this flower with alpine herbs like St. John's wort, larch extract, calendula, mallow, chamomile, juniper or gentian, enable the vitality of the skin, promoting regeneration and improving the function of the protective barrier.

    Anti-aging Facial   90 min. / 180€

    Facial treatment created to reduce the signs of ageing and increase skin firmness. We apply totally natural products which stimulate the creation of collagen, and therefore firm the skin.

    Executive Treatment   50 min. / 140€

    Revitalising treatment for men's skin, providing an authentic touch of freshness. It protects skin from stress, and environmental damage, providing intense hydration and diffusing fine lines. A facial cleanse, exfoliation, massage and masque all serve to make this treatment the perfect moment for relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Capillary Treatments

    SHA Capillary Treatment   40 min. / 90€
    This is especially recommended following the SHA Detox massage. The treatment begins with a refreshing scalp exfoliation followed by a relaxing massage  to increase blood flow. A mask is then applied that repairs and hydrates your hair, ending  with a therapeutic lotion that favours the appearance of new hair. In addition to being  excellent for your hair, this treatment has an important anti-stress effect.
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