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The SHA medical hotel has a complete fitness area where our guests can exercise their body with the advice of high standing personal trainers. If you have a condition that causes you pain or if you simply want to keep in shape, the SHA medical hotel´s fitness area is for you.

  • FUNCTIONAL ASSESSMENT  50 min. / 90€
    One of our training experts will assess your physical, metabolic, anatomic and structural state. After this first consultation, the trainer can prescribe exercises and programs which are best adapted to your needs.

    PERSONAL TRAINER  50 min. / 90€
    Our team of professionals of the physical exercise and personal training fields are experts in a vast array of techniques that we make available to you and which are particularly recommended after the physical assessment.

    PILATES   50 min. / 100€

    Using a system of controlled movements, we balance the body and mind. Increases your body´s flexibility, strength and endurance. Harmoniously integrates Eastern and Western theories, combining physical exercise with breathing techniques, achieving a great balance between body and mind, strengthening bone density, muscle strength, flexibility and posture.

    SHA POSTURAL RE-EDUCATION  50 min. / 90€
    SHA’s Postural Re-education is an assessment method, a diagnosis and a treatment for disorders of the neuro-muscular skeletal system. Its goal is to go from the symptom shown by the patient to the cause of the problem, trying to eradicate the symptoms. The objectives are: to return muscular flexibility, recuperate a correct alignment of structures, eliminate pain and re-establish functions.

    POWER PLATE  30 min. / 70€
    The latest development for generating muscle tone throughout the body, increasing blood circulation and completely strengthening muscles. Our personal trainer will advise you on the specific training you need.

    NORDIC WALKING 90 min. / 100€
    Created with the collaboration of the medical community and sports professionals, this is a simple discipline which brings multiple health benefits. Noticeably improves our physical and psyche states in a controlled and effective manner.

    CARDIO-TONING CIRCUIT  50 min. / 90€
    Scientific literature has long shown that strength-resistance circuits are key to increasing muscle tone and therefore the energetic metabolism. This is something which is necessary for controlling and/or treating metabolic disease.

    Through Muscular Activation, muscles which have inadequate neurological connections are identified and activated, creating the ability for these to stabilise joints and reduce joint stress that leads to joint pain and degenerative conditions of the joints; it is then when the neuro-muscular system and the body become most efficient and painful conditions and wear and tear disappear or are considerably reduced.

    KINESIS  50 min. / 100€
    This consists of a training session with a personal trainer using the Kinesis machine. This machine enables the possibility of a vast array of movements to be able to work muscle groups, which makes it the ideal machine for beginners as well as regular gym users, or even elite sportsmen. Very useful for rehabilitation processes and as a compliment to physical training.

    LONCEGO 30min. / 120 €

    High-tech device for exercise by neuromuscular electrostimulation, allowing our muscles to work more directly and effectively. A 30-minute session of electromyostimulation training is equivalent to an hour and a half session of usual training.

    We also have different personalised private classes. Please consult us for details.
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