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Natural Treatments

Natural treatments increasingly represent an alternative to traditional medicine. With both preventive and curative functions, treatments and therapies with natural products and remedies have shown a strong positive impact on health

  • All traditions speak of the excellent effects of the popular external compresses that stimulate blood flow, calm inflammation and relax tense muscle tissues.    

  • Bach Flowers Consultation

    Bach Flowers Consultation  30 min./ 75 €
    Bach Flowers are 38 natural remedies to treat emotional situations such as fear, loneliness, stress, depression and obsessions.
  • Oxygen Bar

    Oxygen Bar 20 min./ 35 €
    Enjoy pure oxygen, eliminating toxins from your body, increasing the volume of oxygen in the blood, improving circulation and activating skin cells.
  • Ginger Therapeutic Compresses

    Therapeutic Ginger compress 35 min./ 90 €
    Stimulates the circulation of the blood and blood fluids in areas with blockages as well as dispersing substances like mucous and localised fat.
  • Reiki

    Reiki   50 min. / 135€
    The term Reiki means “universal life energy”; this natural therapy consists in channelling the curing energy through placing the therapist’s hands on energy centres, or “chakras” with the aim of finding balance, energetic harmony and healing. All of this from a holistic point of view (physical, mental and spiritual plane).
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