Private Lessons

  • Healthy cooking lessons   120 min. / 170€ - 3 x 120 min. lessons / 450€
    An ideal way to retain the knowledge acquired during your stay at SHA in order to continue applying it on a day to day basis, helping to significantly improve your health and that of your loved ones.

    Paddle 60 min.1 person / € 100 - 2 people / 130 €
    Paddle tennis is very beneficial to health, because with the paddle not only do we increase our physical condition but also improve our movement coordination, agility and reflexes while invigorate the body.  Also, being an essentially aerobic sport, helps improve our cardiovascular system and prevents heart diseases and possible injuries are less common than in many other sports.

    Stretching   50 min. / 100€

    Stretching on a daily basis can help us control the loss of muscle mass and greatly improve the strength and flexibility of the tendons. It also helps to lubricate the joints. A greater range of movement of our joints allows us to directly increase our quality of life, especially at certain ages in which the rapid loss of mobility reduces the number of activities you can do.

    Pranayama breathing techniques   50 min. / 100€

    Prana means energy. Prana is universal and is the axis of life. Prana and consciousness are in constant contact with each other. Yoga texts state that when breathing is clam, prensa is calm. Many people are breathing incorrectly without realising that the quality of breathing affects their quality of life.
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