Relaxing and Meditation Techniques

Sha Wellness Clinic meditation Center offers the best professionals hand ancient Oriental relaxation and meditation techniques.

  • Meditation, according to zen philosophy, is the natural condition of consciousness human, capable of understanding by itself alone the meaning of their existence, even if this occurs at the level of the unconscious. Relaxation and meditation techniques are railway disciplines that manage to harmonize body and mind, enhancing the concentration, the vital force, and regulate mood.

    Techniques of relaxation and meditation practice in the Centre of meditation of Sha Wellness Clinic, range from those based on observed breathing, or view some positive thinking or inspiring image to pass through exercise and get to know each of the muscles of our body to control and a total awareness of this.

  • Tai-Chi


    This is an ancient martial art which, through movements based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, channels life energy through meridians, making the energy, i.e. the Chi, circulate. It is the harmonious combination of three basics: movement of the body, concentration and conscious breathing. Its results are surprising, achieving a balanced state of wellbeing and allowing us to achieve longevity.

  • Yoga


    Corporal and psychological discipline used as a way of contacting our own selves. Yoga trains our bodies and our minds. It provides the perfect balance, regulating energies and emotions through deep breathing.

  • Pilates


    Through a system of controlled movements, we balance body and mind. It increases the flexibility, strength and resistance of your body. It harmoniously combines western and oriental theories, uniting physical exercise with breathing techniques, achieving great body and mind balance, increasing bone density, muscle strength, flexibility and body posture.

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