Yoga is an ancient physical and psychological discipline used as means of contact with our own I. It is the perfect balance, adjusts the energies and emotions through deep breathing.

  • Yoga trains our body (through the postural models or âsanas) and our mind (through breath control or prânâyâma) which prepares us for meditation (dhyana). It consists in exercises made up of controlled, very conscious, synchronized movements in harmony with our breathing to produce a supple, well-balanced, defined muscular physique.

    By practicing Yoga, the mind becomes aware of the body’s abilities, limitations, strengths and weaknesses to improve the physical and mental state of health.

    Our expert teachers in Yoga will help you master this discipline in either the group classes at theSha Life Learning Centre or in the personalised sessions, so that you can unite body and mind through silence, concentration and self-awareness.

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