SHA Rituals

  • SHA Massage   50 min. / 130€
    Let our experts show you our signature SHA massage. Fruit of the fusion of different oriental and western techniques with a selection of essential oils, like Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Orange. Intended for people looking for a physical and mental improvement through "Awakening of the Senses" in an atmosphere that invites tranquility and inner peace.

    Hot Stone Massage: 80 min / 180 €

    Millennial therapy used to make a comprehensive and deep massage that helps release tension, relax muscles and reduce stress through the perfect combination of hot stones and essential oils of rose and incense alpina. The massage produces a sedative response, bringing the recipient to a state of deep relaxation.

    Massage Alpine Rose: 50 min / 135 €
    Discover the feeling of relaxation, lightness and new energy. Immerse yourself in the magic of perfumes and mountain forest in a single treatment combination. Rhododendron stem cells protect the skin and increase its strength, while the Cembra Pine, Mugo Pine, Arnica and Hypericum give this energetic massage its alpine style. Breathe. Relax. Live.

    Treatment SHA: 110 min / 240 €

    Enjoy a totally relaxing holistic therapy that will help you regain the perfect balance between body and mind. A combination of techniques drenched with the most enriching smells. The treatment begins with a foot ritual, followed by an aromatherapy massage and ends with a facial treatment with a high content of minerals from the mountains of Tyrol.

    Amazon Dreams   110 min. / 200€ 

    Holistic treatment that reaches a perfect harmony between body and mnd. This consists of a bath in essential oils, a Macadamia nut peel and a volcanic earth body masque. The final touch is a relaxing massage with wooden rollers.
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