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Water therapy

At SHA, conscious of the Roman maxim “Salute per aqua” and with the aim of achieving the greatest possible therapeutic and relaxation benefits using water, we have developed an exclusive list of therapeutic water services for you. Let our physiotherapists guide you along the path to health using water.

  • Carrying out physical exercise in the water benefits those who are looking for a little relaxation as well as those who want to strengthen their body mass, and on a higher level, those who are undergoing rehabilitation and recovery treatments using physiotherapy.

    Exercising in the water improves all physical qualities (strength, resistance, speed, flexibility, body control), coordination, balance, rhythm and agility and it has also been proven to reduce stress levels and help to prevent and delay the ageing process.

    Water therapy can be undertaken by people of any age and any physical condition, due to the fact that when we are in the water we weigh less and we have a greater capacity for movement, which reduces the impact that certain exercises can have on our joints, as well as reducing the risk of injuries.

    Let our physiotherapists guide you along the path to good health by using water and help you to calm and alleviate your pains whilst you enjoy yourself in our spa´s swimming pool with our water therapies which are fully designed for your well-being.


  • Aqua Relax Session

    Aqua Relax

    Price of the Aqua Relax water therapy: €135/50 min

    Personal relaxation classes based on rhythmic movements that combine passive movements with gentle stretching of various parts of the body, pursuing a dual purpose: overall improvement of the body´s mobility and a deep state of relaxation for our guest.

    This is one of the latest and most personalised techniques for relaxation and alleviating pain using interaction with water. Beginning the session in a horizontal resting position, our therapist will take you to a deep state of physical and mental relaxation, using a series of movements and stretches adapted to individual needs. Therefore, this therapy is especially recommended for joint and muscle complaints as it allows for a greater degree of freedom to move gently without applying any pressure to your muscles

    However, this therapy is suitable for anyone since it improves the body´s mobility and flexibility, improving sleep quality as well as reducing the feeling of pain.

  • Ai-Chi


    Price of the Ai-Chi water therapy - €135/50 min

    This technique, which originates from Japan, is based on gentle and slow, continuous and fluid movement patterns of the body´s various joints, combined with breathing. Ai Chi mainly focuses on balance, strength, relaxation, flexibility and breathing.

    The objective of this technique is to stimulate the balance of the body and mind, giving overall relaxation whilst you carry out healthy physical exercise.

    This is especially recommended for cases of high blood pressure and other disorders that may limit mobility, therefore improving both physical and mental health as it significantly reduces the effects caused by stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Bad Ragaz Method

    Price of the BAD RAGAZ RINGS METHOD €115/50 min
    Strengthening technique based on various movement patterns that with our physiotherapists’ help will lead to obtain better muscle flexibility and endurance and improvement in overall joining movements. The benefits of these techniques are the activation of muscular reactions, increasing mobility and body flexibility, helping to equilibrate corporal postures.
  • SHAtsu

    Price of SHAtsu water therapy: 50 min. / 135€
    Holistic therapy performed individually in a horizontal position. Thanks to rhythmic movements combined in harmony with breathing, this therapy achieves a high level of relaxation. Pressure applied to the energy meridians combined with stretching improves mobility, neck posture, joints and the body´s flexibility.
  • Spa Circuit

    Water circuit

    Price of the Water Circuit €60/120 min

    Welcome to our SPA, where “salutem per aquam” has been taken to the maximum. Our SPA recently received the prestigious award for The Best European SPA destination 2012, granted by Count Nast Johansens, as well as being recognised by the American institution, Spa Finder, as the "Best SPA in Spain". Take advantage of our carefully designed facilities which include a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, Roman bath, steam bath, bi-thermal showers, foot baths, jet speeds, etc.

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