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Arrange your teeth in only two weeks in SHA’s Clinic Dentistry Unit

If you have the technology and equipment needed is perfectly possible, and SHA Dental Unit can do it. How? By combining the latest technology with the human and professional qualities necessary to renew your mouth as pleasantly and fast as possible.

Cabin at SHA's Clinic Dentistry Unit

This unit practices personalized holistic dentistry and patient information is always receiving a warm and close welcome to offer the best solutions to your needs and achieve your maximum satisfaction.

As a first step, it offers a unique integrated oral diagnostic plan fully customized which includes an oral comprehensive examination, a radiographic study of high standards, the creation of study models and diagnostic wax, and a computerized presentation for suggesting a treatment plan to evaluate the patient.

One of the highlights of this unit is the dental implantology, where SHA has a great software for performing dental implant surgery in 3D computer guided. In addition, CAD-CAM technology allows the production of dentures immediately so the patient can predict what will be the result in his own mouth from the time of diagnosis, even before accepting the suggested treatment. So, the patient may be much safer for his decision and take it with the certainty that in just two weeks since its acceptance he will leave SHA with his mouth  brand new and ready to eat and smile with maximum comfortability.

In SHA's Clinic Dentistry Unit we are specialized in implants

As in the best and most exclusive dental clinics, all materials used in oral rehabilitations are biocompatible, minimizing possible allergic reactions of patients and, in addition, each of the pieces created comes with certificate of authenticity and warranty.

We would like to highlight that SHA Dental Unit has recognized top experts such as Mariano Abruzzesi and Diego Castro.

SHA Dental Unit has recognized top experts such as Mariano Abruzzesi and Diego Castro

The team of this dental clinic is specialized in several areas of dentistry and it is prepared to address and resolve all cases, in the shortest time possible, keeping all the principles and philosophy of SHA, regarding care of the whole person and being minimally invasive to get the best results.


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