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Healthy recipe: Fennel cream with beet air and fresh dill

Recipes for summer: Fennel cream with beet air and fresh dill

Light dishes are the real stars of summer season and for helping you in the creation of your summer menus, today we show you how to prepare a delicious and healthy recipe of fennel cream with beet air and fresh dill from SHAMADI‘s restaurant, that will surprise all of your guests.

Summer recipe: Fennel cream with beet air and fresh dill
SHA Wellness Clinic Fennel cream with beet air and fresh dill


 Ingredients for preparing the fennel cream:
  • 200 gr of Fennel: Its large amount of olic and linoleic acids give it the ability of reducing blood cholesterol levels.
  • 30 gr of Daikon: This kind of turnip has a large amount of propertiessuch as the fat dissolution. Do not miss the Daikon Tea recipe for losing weight.
  • 100 ml of Organic Olive Oil: Noted for its great antioxidant properties and for helping to control the obesity.
  • 10 gr of fresh Dill: Its consumption facilitates the digestion process.
Ingredients for preparing the beet air:
  •  50 gr of raw Beet: Known for its anticancer properties.
  • 10 gr of Soy lecithin: Among its great properties, soy lecithin is noted for improving the athletic performance.
  • 150 ml of Water: Represents between the 50% and the 90% of living beings and it is essential for its proper development.


Elaboration of the recipe:
  1. Sauté the fennel and the daikon with the organic olive oil for 10 minutes.
  2. Add water and cook for 20 minutes.
  3. Crush the resulting and add the dill.
  4. Mount the beet air with a juice made by beating the beet.



delicious and healthy recipe that will quickly become one of your greatest allies during this summer. Bon Appétit!


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