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Environmental Awareness

  • Since its creation, SHA has adopted a clear commitment to the environment, being actively involved in the conservation of our precious natural resources. Numerous initiatives, policies and practices have been put in place for day to day work, and for future growth, being environmentally responsible and ethically focused. Without wanting to stop our progress nor to be satisfied with our achievements, new and innovative “green” initiatives are constantly explored in order to continue improving along the road to caring for our biggest asset, our planet. This concern has made us worthy of the “Green Award” of the Jose Navarro Foundation in 2009.

    SHA has over 10,000 metres of gardens and natural areas, located in an unbeatably natural enclave, bordering a beautiful natural maritime-land reserve of great ecological value that constantly reminds us of the value of being able to admire and enjoy nature in its purest form. 


    SHA has not only cared for its aesthetics since the beginning, but it has also tried to find a natural balance achieving complete integration in the surroundings in which it is located.

    In order to reduce possible visual contamination to a minimum, the buildings have been built in a terrace style following the natural contours of the hills it is located along, and with the purpose of replacing the vegetation of the area, in addition to making an important economic contribution to the local municipality for replanting the forest with several times the amount of trees felled, almost 2000 metres of hanging gardens have been placed around the perimeter of each floor of the buildings, on their front face, which allow several thousand plants to be planted and which gradually create a tapestry over the buildings with a stunning variety of tones of green, with smatterings of seasonal flowers.  

    The construction has been thought out carefully down to the last detail so as to achieve maximum energy saving abilities, among which the following aspects stand out: double walls with insulation-filled chambers to conserve ambient temperature and avoid noise contamination. The exterior carpentry is aluminium with a break in the heat bridge and double glazing with the aim of optimising the acoustic and thermal insulation.

    Taking into consideration light contamination, low consumption and low wattage lights have been used outside, using mainly LEDs due to their low consumption and long life. Practically all areas have large window which provide natural light for the longest possible amount of time. So as to reduce the electricity consumption in climate control, windows that considerably reduce the amount of heat absorption from the sun have been used. All external windows in the bedrooms have blinds that avoid the much feared greenhouse effect which, during daylight hours, requires more use of energy.

    Climate control and water heating are obtained primarily from renewable energy sources, thus avoiding the consumption of fossil fuels and non-renewable fuels with much higher levels of gas emissions. Taking into account the characteristics of the buildings and the distribution of the suites, individual climate control units have been installed so as to reduce consumption to those suites which are actually in use.

    An automated system limits the temperature from a central unit and when it detects a window has been opened it deactivates the climate control.


    SHA surpasses its guests’ and clients’ expectations by providing all the information necessary for making efficient use of the hydraulic resources during their stay.   SHA has a rain water collection system for watering its gardens and green areas using trickle irrigation.  The swimming pool water and that of the fountains and waterfalls is filtered and treated for re-use.


    Faithful to our philosophy of caring for the body, soul and mind, the SHA Clinic offers its guests a wide range of naturally made products, without chemical components, focusing on those which are biologically created.


    SHA clearly stands out due to its healthy, natural and therapeutic-property foods.  Almost all the food is of vegetable origin, and biologically cultivated. Food made with biological and natural seasonal products and biological wines and beers, always aiming to use local or neighbouring products meaning they are fresher and avoid the need for excessive transportation, a great generator of contamination.

    Foods deriving from livestock are not used because, other than being damaging to the health, they are one of the main causes of contamination due to their methane gas emissions, they are responsible for deforestation and for the excessive consumption of water and a long etc.  SHA has recently been awarded the “Green Award” from the José Navarro Foundation due to its development in responsible food.


    All members of the SHA team, without exception, receive the necessary instructions for efficiently using the material resources, using recycled paper in all areas of the installations, being instructed on the correct use of electrical and hydraulic resources of the installations, being advised on recycling office material, always in accordance with environmental ethics.


    In the communal area bathrooms, both the lighting as well as the taps are activated by movement sensors, thus achieving savings in light and water consumption, reducing this significantly.


    SHA's vision for the future and its business are based on the respect for and conservation of the environment, which are fundamental pillars.

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